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I Love My Chakra Life Box

I have had my kit over 3 years, and it is something I would not want to be without. I really works fast to balance my chakra and I love how it clears...

Thanks for your thgh

Thanks for your toughts. It's helped me a lot.

Time to Reflect Each Morning

I just got online to reorder my essential oils and noticed the "testimonial" section. I cannot say enough about the Chakra Kit. It has been about 20...

Chakra Therapy System

Watch the Chakra Therapy System Video Series!

Used daily, this system helps to create harmony on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Increase energy and mental focus.

Using the pendulum for a reading of each chakra gives you the verification you have been looking for.

Cleanse, treat, and energize your chakras and aura at home.

Treat yourself and others with this portable treatment center.

This System helps us to realize our full potential while experiencing the inner peace that we all seek.

The Chakra System gives you a visual representation of your chakra creating an accurate treatment used by the most experienced or a novice.

Clearing your chakras is the beginning of a richer, more harmonious life. Use this system morning and evening to create a peaceful, balanced flow of energy within and around you.

In the morning the system will stabilize, strengthen, and center you for the day. In the evening, cleanse your chakras of any unnecessary stress you may have accumulated throughout the day.

With regular use, as the chakras become stronger and more fluid, you may even start lucid dreaming the life lessons you have come here to understand.

The individual oils are a blend of pure jojoba oil with wild or organic essential oils that specifically resonate to encompass all aspects of each chakra.

There is a harmonically enhanced stone in each bottle of oil that resonates to the vibrational frequency of the chakra.

Using the system will demonstrate any imbalance, blockage or disturbance within the energy field.

Even if you have never used a pendulum before, this system will enable you to locate the energy blockages and assist you in correcting them.

Smelling the corresponding blend of aroma therapy, while you are in the energy field of the system, moves the chakra into balance. The pendulum allows you to view and understand the nature of the imbalance and observe when the clearing is complete.

Once your chakras are balanced, you can then use the system to observe, and bring vitality to the organs related to the individual chakras.

Inside the Chakra Therapy System is a self-perpetuating energy field within a magnetic matrix coil that will clear itself with each use. This energy field makes it easy to treat yourself and others with the System.

The body has seven primary energy centers, or vortexes, called chakras. These chakras are connected to our ethereal, emotional, and physical bodies, regulating everything from our physical being to our state of consciousness.

Every chakra and its correlated physiology has a specific vibration. These vibrations can be used to cleanse and harmonize with the use of specific scents, gems, sounds and colors.

This System uses the scents, gems, vibrations, and colors specified by the devic and celestial realms to clear and harmonize your whole system. Dimensions are 6-3/4” x 3-3/4”

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