As the planet is waltzing through three eclipses in one month we find our work as light workers speeding up.  There is a push in elevating awareness as the “Dastardly Dudes” loose there cloaks to hide behind.  What is happening?  Simply, the Earth and the celestial beings that are the caretakers of the planet are ready to shine the spot light on all self-serving and exploitive activity. 

This illumination is creating the dawn we have been waiting for.  So expect more wild revelations about unsavory behavior.  Expect a call for change and intolerance of old paradigms that are usury at best.  This month has marked the first hurdle that the world must pass through.  It is revealing the need to demand more conscious leadership.  This is a marker that will begin to restructure the world and the way we do business.  This is the start of more humane behavior.  It is through the exposure of cruelty and greed that the world will seek and grow.

Your job is not fall for the old way of interaction.  The dense energies will try to pull humanity into the same lies that have always worked before. This could be in your home or work place.  It is a time for reevaluating our boundaries, our needs, and our expectations.  If the old way of doing things is not supporting you, then it is time to reinvent yourself.  This is a time of illumination and the change that follows.  We have a love/hate relationship with change because we love adventure, but hate the unknown.  The world is moving into a higher dimension with or without us.  We are on the earth roller coaster and it just slipped into high gear.  So, scream if you want to, because it one crazy ride. 

If you resist your new makeover brought to you by planet earth, it will be a scary ride.  But, if you embrace the change and focus on elevating your consciousness, then the new will manifest.  Our work during this summer tour was on consciousness.  We did not expect any external acknowledgement of our work we just walked our walk. However, Pat and I we so surprised and excited to see elevation in awareness in places that have not been inclined that way before.  The earth and humanity are ready for change and we, as the beacons, are ready to light the way. 

Enjoy the rest of the summer and stay light.

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