Earth, the working planet, is not a place where you can do nothing.  Even if we are doing “nothing” you are doing something.  Maybe we just want to hang around the house, doing nothing. So we take a nap, watch a movie, stare at the wall or think lovely thoughts.  Doing ”nothing” is not an option on Planet Earth.  It is Earth’s nature to self-perpetuate action. So, you could hang out on the sofa, but you will have to get up for one reason or another.  Change just happens.  The key is to flow with change.

There is a worldwide epidemic of people not wanting change. Holding onto the old and wanting yesterday’s moment to fit into today is like trying to do “nothing.” Every day that we wake up is a new day.  Yesterday is gone and tomorrow has not yet arrived. The only time we have is this very moment. No others exist, only this one.  So as we move forward into our new paradigm of existence we must develop the same flexibility that Earth has. Flow and change with each moment.  Embrace change. Feel gratitude for each and every moment. It is our moment making up the collage of our lives.

Politics is a great reflection of the collective mind.  Oh, dear!  Washington is so mind divided and non-cooperative that “nothing” is getting done.  In this case, “nothing” means chaos, fear and anger, to name a few.  So, regardless of your political point of view, take a look at some part of our government and see what it is reflecting to you.  We are not separate from “those” in Washington; we are part of the whole.  If Star Children are going to change the world, we must look at what the world is reflecting and shift the chaos, fear and anger to love and gratitude. 

Instead of a self-serving narrow-minded government or world, we can change our world to one that is compassionate and effective. Fear and anger do not allow love and gratitude to flourish. So, let’s experiment. Every time we feel disgusted with some aspect of government, let’s send love and gratitude instead of criticism. Then let’s do the same with that “magic moment” we just had where our ego was a little reactive. B%$ching and moaning does not help anything.  It actually increases negativity and keeps the drama going.  When something upsetting happens, take a deep breath, and give yourself love and compassion.  

So, get off of the sofa and do “something.” Turning our backs on chaos, fear and anger does not make them go away. Nor is it doing “nothing.”  It is through our love and compassion that light shines through and the world changes to a better place. When we focus our thoughts every moment on gratitude and love we shift “nothing” to something truly wonderful, one moment at a time.

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