Now is the time for each human being to live in their true potential.  We are dynamic beings co-orchestrating in a dynamic world, just beginning to see our true potential. Our eyes are just now opening to see our part of the divine creation in which we exist.  It is through human thought that the world manifests itself.  We are not puppets on string being manipulated at the whim of a higher being.  We are connected to an infinite divine force that creates everything. We are part of the creation and the creator. 

  Our thoughts set energy in motion, manifesting what we feel, and ripples across the cosmos as a harmonic sound.  The earth vibration has been at the lowest conscious level for thousands of years.  We are seeing the earth toss and turn as she awakens.  The new vibration of the Earth is one of connectedness where we recognize that we are not singular, but part of the whole cosmos.

  What our attitude is toward people and life matters.  When we live in gratitude and love we are respecting our connection to Source and the role that we play in the manifestation of this world.  When we think poorly of others or ourselves we are denying our inheritance as humans to manifest a loving and harmonious existence. 

As we see the upheaval in the world we can see that there is a change occurring that will redesign our physical and mental existence.  Love really is all that matters in a world of change.  Viewing our lives and the lives of others with respect for the experience that we all choose is paramount.  When I was 19 years old I was part of a community that attempted to live self sufficient in a loving and harmonious connection to the earth.  Most of the local inhabitants of the town did not understand how a group of people could be spiritual or good if they did not hold their beliefs.  So, one night a fire was started and we escaped with our lives and watched as the local fire department refused to put the fire out. 

  This made it fairly clear to me that the world was not ready for progressive thought and the dream of living in this harmonious way went up in smoke. When I phoned my sister to tell her, she exclaimed that it was a disaster!  I responded to her that it was not a disaster unless I said it was, and I said, it is moving day. 

  As a result of that event I pursued my ideals in a less judgmental way.  It’s not my job to change the way people think or convince them that my way is right, and that their way has not worked for a really long time.  It is my job to live my truth and manifest a greater world through my world and experience.  I am grateful for that night because it showed me my judgments. My judgment was judging their judgmental behavior. When we act from a place of judgment we manifest even more judgmental behavior.  We are all connected.  If a conflict is in your face, there is a reason and you, need a mirror to understand why.

We see all of the conflict and problems of the world and wonder why there is disharmony.  It is through our own balance and understanding that we expand the world and live on a planet of higher consciousness.  This is the day to put our thoughts in a place of love and gratitude as we honor what each breath brings us.  If we cannot play with life, then life will not be fun. I end everyday with two words, thank you. When we love and honor everyday as a great experience, then everyday becomes that great experience.

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