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Set of 7 Chakra Stones – Med Size  $28.00
Cosmic Thrust Protection Oil $16.50
Free Silk Brocade Pouch
Free $18 pendulum with your recharge kit.

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Place chakra stones in a circular and numerical order.

Place 1 drop of Cosmic Thrust in your hand, and warm it by rubbing your hands together. Cup your hands in front of face, close your eyes, and take several slow breaths.

When feeling relaxed hold the pendulum over one of the chakra stones and ask your inner SELF to demonstrate the status of that chakra.

*Clockwise rotation would indicate a normal movement
*Counter clockwise indicates some clearing or stress release
*Side to side movement indicates greater activity in the emotional body
*Front to back movement indicates clearing in the physical body

Hold your free hand over the first chakra on your body and visualize your breath going to that area. Maintain the pendulum movement over that stone to clear any blockage.

Repeat this process for all the chakras. Spend about 1 minute on each chakra, and more time on ones of greater concern. Practice once or twice a day when your Chakra Therapy System is unavailable.

Clear your stones and pendulum by placing them on your Chakra Therapy System for 5 minutes.

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