Luminous Energy Spiritual Study, Sundays October 23 – Nov 13, 2022


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Luminous Energy Schedule & Registration
 Oct. 23 & Oct 30
Sunday 1-3.  California & Arizona Time 
Sunday 2-4 Daylight Standard – Mountain Time 
Sunday 3-6 Daylight Standard – Central Time 
Sunday 4-6 Daylight Standard – Eastern Time
Daylight Saving Ends
Nov 6, Nov 13
Sunday 12-2 Daylight Standard   – Calif, HI – Pacific Time 
Sunday 1-3 Daylight Standard   – Arizona  – Mountain Time 
Sunday 2-4 Daylight Standard   – Central Time 
Sunday 3-6 Daylight Standard   – Eastern Time 

Luminous Energy is a four-week online spiritual study course. This interactive presentation is a comprehensive self-empowerment program for those looking to enhance their spiritual growth.

This workshop includes many light techniques taught to Jaculin as a child by the Celestial Realms. Jaculin was born visually impaired and has only a limited idea of how the solid 3D world looks. This limitation has allowed her to maintain recall of what is beyond this time and space and to function inter-dimensionally. Translating and describing higher vibrations is her passion.

The techniques and lessons taught in this course are from the lessons she was given as a child to heal herself and overcome obstacles while growing her awareness.

It will teach you how to expand your own awareness and give you techniques to become a viable Light Seed in today’s confusing world.

In the next part of this series you will learn healing techniques and develop your intuitive abilities. There will be an in-person course to be announced next year.

What’s In the Course?

Week 1 –

  • Meeting the Masters who work with Luminous Energy
  • Growing and understanding your role as an Empath
  • The history of duality (the Error)
  • Who are Star Children and Light Seeds?
  • Removing conflict from your life – Conscious Use Of Power

Week 2 –

  • Tubing – Making yourself light and deflecting negativity
  • Internal Viewing and your chakras
  • Our Consciousness Tasks of Understanding
  • Karma and the Karmic Board

Week 3 –

  • Where are the Earth and our galaxy heading?
  • What is a Yuga and where are we in the space of existence?
  • Recognizing our delusion
  • Seeing the Yaluwa or aura of Mother Earth
  • Levels of awareness
  • Why is this transition so different?

Week 4 –

  • Delusion Phase Of Consciousness
  • How dimensions work
  • Understanding levels of awareness and consciousness
  • Grasping manifestation and how it works
  • Free will and choice, or destiny?
  • Removing our neuroses
  • 7 natural Laws
  • How to embrace change



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