The Energy Radiance Technique

Energy Radiance Training

A comprehensive self-empowerment program pursed by Medical Professionals as well as those looking to enhance their spiritual growth.

These workshops and sessions include many light techniques taught to Jaculin as a child by the Celestial Realms. Her vision and health issues as a child allowed her to keep clear communication with the Celestials.

This training teaches you how to expand your awareness for self-awareness as well as giving you techniques to become a medical intuitive and energetic healer. Training is divided into 3 classes.

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Essentials of Energy Radiance

This two-day foundational course opens your ability to perceive through feeling, seeing and/or hearing to learn to perceive what you want, when you want. You will learn to key into your primary sense(s) and open the doorway to extra-sensory perception. In Essentials of Energy Radiance, you will be introduced to anatomical, aura and chakra viewing, and will begin to recognize energy imbalances by visualizing the patterns and images they reveal. Energy Radiance Technique is a life-changing, transformational course of study designed for anyone seeking to enhance their spiritual growth. This course introduces you to the techniques essential in Energy Radiance. Essentials of Energy Radiance is the pre-requisite to the Energy Radiance Technique Certification Course.

Energy Radiance Advanced

A four-day intensive workshop where you will learn to understand the blocks that weave into life programs. Learn Techniques to give a basic Energy Radiance Session.

Understand space and dimensions. How to know where things are in energy and how to positively effect them. Observe the relationship of organ to chakra/aura. Learning the anatomy of a chakra.

Aura Reading – Understanding what you see will give clarity to these patterns as well as seeing past lives and how those patterns connect to the present. Refining this technique allows you to see, communicate and clear disturbances in the aura that effect the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Aura reading allows you to understand the blocks that weave into life programs. Understanding what you see will give clarity to these patterns. As you look from one auric level to another, you will learn techniques to isolate and remove blocks. Clear, unattached emphathing allows you to share an understanding of an obstacle and its effect on your physical body, and to recognize how it was set up.

Learn Techniques to give a basic Energy Radiance Technique Session.

Making a connection between the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Learn how to connect the energetic pathways and treat the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Learn to treat the physical and emotional bodies and to connect the energetic bodies with the physical body. This course teaches techniques to follow the energy pathways from the organs into the energy fields. You will learn the etheric levels and be guided through an energetic viewing of the physical body to treat disturbances or blockages connected to the physical body.

Energy Radiance Practitioner

A four-day intensive workshop where you learn all techniques and protocols of the Energy Radiance Technique. This course facilitates a deeper connection with your guides, and you learn the protocols of communicating with your and others’ guides.

Also covered is an explanation of how organs and systems are linked, how the energetic body relates to the physical organs, and how the mind reacts/responds when there is an imbalance in the body and how to repair them. You will work closely with guides and angels, as you continue to practice on your fellow classmates mastering the techniques.

Energy Radiance Practitioner Certification

Requirements consist of:

– Attendance of the Essentials in Energy Radiance , Energy Radiance Advanced Level Training, and Energy Radiance Practitioner Level Training

– Complete and document 17 Energy Radiance sessions with someone other than yourself and complete all self-empowerment assignments

– Successfully complete an oral and written exam with a minimum score of 90 percent.

*Must complete all training and requirements within 18 months

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Energy Radiance Sessions

As a medical intuitive, Jaculin will speak directly to those in guidance, and discuss with you what they are saying to assist you in understanding and releasing blocks that may be causing physical or emotional disturbances.

Together you feel the understanding of the lessons as your guardians help to releases them physically, mentally, and spiritually from your energy field to assist your spirit and accelerate the growth of your self-awareness.

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Learn more about Jaculin Dorman
Born clairvoyant, clairaudient, and with recall, Jaculin Dorman has always worked with subtle energies.

Isolated in childhood by various physical restrictions including being legally blind, she was guided by and began working with the Celestial Realms when she was eight years old.

In preparation for the present time, her youth was spent “playing with the angels,” and communicating with and understanding nature spirits and devas.

Trained by the Celestial Realms, Jaculin teaches techniques to help Star Children discover who they are.

In 1991, her mission of finding Star Children was expanded to assisting them in their purpose. It is a pleasure to see Star Children coming together in service.

The time we have been waiting for is now. The work is a blessing, and to be a part of this time and its magnificent outcome, is our greatest honor.

In Energy Radiance workshops Jaculin uses the same principles and techniques she uses to physically to teach you how to see energetically.

Jaculin has been in alternative health care for over 40 years.

She and her husband practiced alternative health care in Boca Raton and Delray Beach, Florida, for 20 of those years.

She is also the mother of a Star Child.

Her focus is on self-care, especially on an energetic level.

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Learn the origin story of Chakra Life

The Chakra Therapy System was designed and given to Patrick and I in 1993 as our new service to humankind. In our health care practice our main goal was to educate people to know that it takes more than a pill to heal. We taught techniques to take control of your energy and move the body into health. It has always been easy for me to see the energetic world and a challenge to comprehend the solid world. As a child I would talk to the Celestials about the “lights” on people and they would teach me what these lights of energy were saying about a person. Many of the techniques taught to me by the Celestials are included in Energy Radiance, and I love to teach others how to play in energy. Our primary focus has always been to help people help themselves.

After selling our health care practice, Patrick and I asked for a tool that would empower and demonstrate the ability to self- heal. The Celestials and Devic energies wanted a tool that would also bring us into our true purpose, to be the rainbow bridge that spans from heaven into the earth we reside upon. For three months there was a particular deva whom would watch me, but say nothing. I was raised knowing the protocol with the spirits of nature and would smile and say nothing. Finally, one day this being approached me and agreed to lead a team that was comprised of several nature spirits from different realms and many types of celestials.

Our new journey had begun and we were honored to take on the task. Patrick made the first boxes in a 9×12 shed in our back yard in New Mexico. The details of the matrix field started out as a single, simple configuration built into an oak box. I would listen carefully to their instructions, writing down every detail, including the configuration of twelve chakras within a seven-chakra system built into the matrix inside of the wooden box. I would make the oils and go through a process of fine-tuning the formulas. Each chakra oil is comprised of several essential oils that are mixed in a certain sequence and time frame. There were many sessions with our instructors until finally we were given the approval for the first Chakra Therapy System.

As the consciousness of humanity increased the Celestials would ask us to make changes. The Premium system now had two energy systems, the original matrix in the bottom of the box and an addition frequency coil in the top. This change created a perpetual energy field that broadcasted into the space where the chakras system was, creating a harmonious space. It also doubled the energy field, making it more powerful and giving faster results. The Celestials and Devas now asked us to instruct people to clear their internal organs and structural systems after their chakras were open to promote health. This breaks up any energy blocks and restores energy that has been disrupted. Patrick continued to get creative in the design of the wooden box and the oils went through several upgrades, keeping up with the increase in collective consciousness.

Then, Patrick asked for the next step in 2003. He presented a version of the system that he thought would increase it’s potential. The Celestial and Devic instructors looked at me, looked at the box, looked at him, looked back at the box, and told him to throw it away. It was only a momentary ‘ouch’, because when you are working with energies that have no ego, you let go of yours rather quickly. They looked at Patrick and asked him to clear his mind, so that I would not have to translate, but only verify. They dumped the whole outline into his head and after he asked a few more questions, they instructed him to “go make it.”

When he presented the new round version of the box, they looked at him, then at the box, then at me, winked at me, looked at Patrick and smiled. Then they explained how much different this design would be. The matrix and frequency fields are twice as large in the round design, tripling the vibration and bringing it into a fuller, more resonate harmony with the earth. This increased the magnitude of the perceptual energy field and its broadcasting ability, but most of all it would develop the additional five chakras that are configured inside the matrix, rapidly.

This is now our sixteenth year as the stewards of the Chakra Therapy System and we still get winks and smiles from the Celestials and Devas, and we still love our service to humankind. Chakra Therapy Systems can be found all over the world and one of the most fulfilling parts of this service is hearing how The Chakra Therapy Systems has helped others. Patrick and I hear so many wonderful stories as we travel around the country. If you have a story you would like to share, please write us about it. Thank you for sharing in this journey.

Jaculin Dorman – 2009

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Our Story in Photos


Original Oak – 1993


2nd Generation Oak – 1994


3rd Generation Oak
1995 – 2005


Amplified Double Field
1996 – 2005


Premium Double Field
1996 – 2005


New Round
2005 – Present

Get a session in your area from one of our Energy Radiance Certified Practitioners
Energy Radiance Certified Practitioners
Name City State/Country Phone Email Website/Notes
Ammie England Los Angeles CA 310-613-4264
Jaclyn Tyrcha, Deaf Denver co


Risa Z Lewis, Deaf Fredrick MD – USA 240-575-2180
Deena Elmore Delray Beach FL – USA 561-393-6200  
Dana Hergott Scottsdale AZ – USA 480-391-3985 USA and Canada
Cindy Davis HHP, LMT Santa Barbara CA – USA 805-448-5861  
Ronee Goldstone Cave Creek AZ – USA 480-513-1202    
Terri Kusma Tucson AZ – USA 908-310-0830 Reiki Master
Roger Barranco RMT, LMT Santa Barbara CA – USA 805-588-4749  
Dorothy Germain Greensboro NC – USA 336-215-1861  
Dana Hergott Canmore Alberta – CA 403-678-4435  
Helen Abell NY NY – USA 718-687-0868  
Darlene Liedig Hope Mills NC – USA 910-423-1764  
Deborah Kauffeld Ferguson NC – USA 941-323-5226  
Robin Young Mesa AZ – USA 480-659-7365    
Lara Fletcher Verde Valley AZ – USA 928-634-2748  
Kim Burows Scottsdale AZ – USA 602-316-0544  
Wendy Rothenberg Peoria AZ – USA 623-825-0393  
Janis Goldstien Cave Creek AZ – USA 480-403-1777  
Jamie Thompson Chandler AZ – USA 602-463-1473  
Kathleen Wollenberg Ahwatukee AZ – USA 480-598-2923  
Patti Bonnay Phoenix AZ – USA 602-301-2263  
Sarah Laurent Phoenix -N AZ – USA 602-993 0470 available on weekends
Patricia McCormick Phoenix -N AZ – USA 480-307-7995
Beth Rahe Phoenix AZ – USA 602-206-1759  
Josie Towell Phoenix AZ – USA 602-363-6750  
Jill Elliott Precott Valley AZ – USA 928-634 -1142 specializing in animals
Dana Hergott Scottsdale AZ – USA 480-391-3985 USA and Canada
Jackie Kaestle Delray Beach FL – USA 561-638-1414  
Diane Thomas-Gonzale Rockledge FL – USA 321-591-3704  
Laney Kidd Albuquerque NM – USA  
Jo Rainey Tisdale Greensboro NC – USA 336-274-0991  
Christina Borman Phoenix AZ – USA 480-575-0124


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