Chakra Therapy System

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Designed by Devas and the Celestial realms to assist humankind.

Not just a box, but a self-healing system. The energy field emanating from the system will clear and balance all your chakras.

Inside is a self-perpetuating energy field generated by a magnetic matrix coil that will clear the oils and stones after each use, and anything you set on top or around it.

Used daily, this system helps to create harmony on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Increase energy and mental focus.

Using the pendulum for a reading of each chakra gives you the verification you have been looking for.

Cleanse, treat, and energize your chakras and aura at home.

Treat yourself and others with this portable treatment center.

This System helps us to realize our full potential while experiencing the inner peace that we all seek.

The Chakra Therapy System gives you a visual representation of your chakra creating an accurate treatment used by the most experienced or a novice.

Clearing your chakras is the beginning of a richer, more harmonious life. Use this system morning and evening to create a peaceful, balanced flow of energy within and around you.

In the morning the system will stabilize, strengthen, and center you for the day. In the evening, cleanse your chakras of any unnecessary stress you may have accumulated throughout the day.

With regular use, as the chakras become stronger and more fluid, you may even start lucid dreaming the life lessons you have come here to understand.

The individual oils are a blend of pure jojoba oil with wild or organic essential oils that specifically resonate to encompass all aspects of each chakra.

There is a harmonically enhanced stone in each bottle of oil that resonates to the vibrational frequency of the chakra.

Using the system will demonstrate any imbalance, blockage or disturbance within the energy field.

Even if you have never used a pendulum before, this system will enable you to locate the energy blockages and assist you in correcting them.

Smelling the corresponding blend of aroma therapy, while you are in the energy field of the system, moves the chakra into balance. The pendulum allows you to view and understand the nature of the imbalance and observe when the clearing is complete.

Once your chakras are balanced, you can then use the system to observe, and bring vitality to the organs related to the individual chakras.

Inside the Chakra Therapy System is a self-perpetuating energy field within a magnetic matrix coil that will clear itself with each use. This energy field makes it easy to treat yourself and others with the System.

The body has seven primary energy centers, or vortexes, called chakras. These chakras are connected to our ethereal, emotional, and physical bodies, regulating everything from our physical being to our state of consciousness.

Every chakra and its correlated physiology has a specific vibration. These vibrations can be used to cleanse and harmonize with the use of specific scents, gems, sounds and colors.

This System uses the scents, gems, vibrations, and colors specified by the devic and celestial realms to clear and harmonize your whole system.

Dimensions are 6-3/4” x 3-3/4”

Chakra Therapy System Styles

There are many great styles ranging from premium engraved woods to Baltic birch laminate. All of the engraved and solid styles are made of 100% solid hardwood. This impacts the energy, making them stronger than the birch laminate systems.

No matter what style you choose, the stones and oils sit in the same self-perpetuating energy field within a copper coil magnetic matrix that will clear them after each use. Every system comes with a set of seven stones and oils.

This broadcast field will also help clear your room and let you share the system with your friends and family. Use it on others long distance or before your meditations.

Engraved Sacred Symbol Solid Hardwood Systems

Every engraved solid hardwood system includes
a unique hand crafted wooden pendulum.

Solid Hardwood Systems

Made of 100% pure solid timber.
Includes a stone pendulum.

Baltic Birch Laminate Systems

Handsomely crafted from extra thick, high quality laminated birch plywood, with a lower price tag.
Includes a stone pendulum.

Please call 480-595-1890 with any questions or special order requests.

Gold inlay can be added to any solid engraved system for $45

Our current selection of Chakra Therapy Systems

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Learn the origin story of the Chakra Therapy System

The Chakra Therapy System was designed and given to Patrick and I in 1993 as our new service to humankind. In our health care practice our main goal was to educate people to know that it takes more than a pill to heal. We taught techniques to take control of your energy and move the body into health. It has always been easy for me to see the energetic world and a challenge to comprehend the solid world. As a child I would talk to the Celestials about the “lights” on people and they would teach me what these lights of energy were saying about a person. Many of the techniques taught to me by the Celestials are included in Luminous Energy, and I love to teach others how to play in energy. Our primary focus has always been to help people help themselves.

After selling our health care practice, Patrick and I asked for a tool that would empower and demonstrate the ability to self- heal. The Celestials and Devic energies wanted a tool that would also bring us into our true purpose, to be the rainbow bridge that spans from heaven into the earth we reside upon. For three months there was a particular deva whom would watch me, but say nothing. I was raised knowing the protocol with the spirits of nature and would smile and say nothing. Finally, one day this being approached me and agreed to lead a team that was comprised of several nature spirits from different realms and many types of celestials.

Our new journey had begun and we were honored to take on the task. Patrick made the first boxes in a 9×12 shed in our back yard in New Mexico. The details of the matrix field started out as a single, simple configuration built into an oak box. I would listen carefully to their instructions, writing down every detail, including the configuration of twelve chakras within a seven-chakra system built into the matrix inside of the wooden box. I would make the oils and go through a process of fine-tuning the formulas. Each chakra oil is comprised of several essential oils that are mixed in a certain sequence and time frame. There were many sessions with our instructors until finally we were given the approval for the first Chakra Therapy System.

As the consciousness of humanity increased the Celestials would ask us to make changes. The Premium system now had two energy systems, the original matrix in the bottom of the box and an addition frequency coil in the top. This change created a perpetual energy field that broadcasted into the space where the chakras system was, creating a harmonious space. It also doubled the energy field, making it more powerful and giving faster results. The Celestials and Devas now asked us to instruct people to clear their internal organs and structural systems after their chakras were open to promote health. This breaks up any energy blocks and restores energy that has been disrupted. Patrick continued to get creative in the design of the wooden box and the oils went through several upgrades, keeping up with the increase in collective consciousness.

Then, Patrick asked for the next step in 2003. He presented a version of the system that he thought would increase it’s potential. The Celestial and Devic instructors looked at me, looked at the box, looked at him, looked back at the box, and told him to throw it away. It was only a momentary ‘ouch’, because when you are working with energies that have no ego, you let go of yours rather quickly. They looked at Patrick and asked him to clear his mind, so that I would not have to translate, but only verify. They dumped the whole outline into his head and after he asked a few more questions, they instructed him to “go make it.”

When he presented the new round version of the box, they looked at him, then at the box, then at me, winked at me, looked at Patrick and smiled. Then they explained how much different this design would be. The matrix and frequency fields are twice as large in the round design, tripling the vibration and bringing it into a fuller, more resonate harmony with the earth. This increased the magnitude of the perceptual energy field and its broadcasting ability, but most of all it would develop the additional five chakras that are configured inside the matrix, rapidly.

This is now our sixteenth year as the stewards of the Chakra Therapy System and we still get winks and smiles from the Celestials and Devas, and we still love our service to humankind. Chakra Therapy Systems can be found all over the world and one of the most fulfilling parts of this service is hearing how The Chakra Therapy Systems has helped others. Patrick and I hear so many wonderful stories as we travel around the country. If you have a story you would like to share, please write us about it. Thank you for sharing in this journey.

Jaculin Dorman – 2009

Check out our current selection of Chakra Therapy Systems

Our Story in Photos

Original Oak – 1993

2nd Generation Oak – 1994

3rd Generation Oak
1995 – 2005

Amplified Double Field
1996 – 2005

Premium Double Field
1996 – 2005

New Round
2005 – Present

Instructions on how to use your Chakra Therapy System

Download PDF Instructions Here

The body has 7 basic energy centers, or vortexes, called chakras. These centers are connected to our endocrine system, emotional system, physical organs and overall state of conscious awareness.

Each chakra harmonizes with specific scents, gems, colors, and sounds. Every chakra and its correlating organs have a specific vibration and purpose in the body’s function.

Energy flows in and out of the body through the chakras. Every chakra has front and back vortexes that move the energies through the body. The front chakras are the feeling centers, and the back ones are the will centers. Chakras deal with the emotions, glands, and organs specific to that chakra or energy center (See the chart at the bottom). As energy comes into the chakra, the pendulum should move in a clockwise motion. If energy does not flow into the chakra, an emotional block occurs. Energy that is not released from the body creates a physical block, and stasis occurs.

Your Chakra Therapy System creates an energetic circuit between you and the chakras through the field in the wooden box, the oils, stones, and pendulum. This makes your kit a very powerful tool

Your chakra oils are blended in pure, cold-pressed jojoba oil enhanced with wild, organic essential flower essence oils that specifically resonate to encompass all aspects of each chakra. Each bottle contains a stone that resonates at the vibration of the chakra. The stones and oils rest in a magnetic configuration to enhance the energy and clearing effect of the Chakra System.

The stones and oils are self-clearing when kept in the kit, making it convenient to share this system with friends, clients, and family. The clearing field inside the kit also keeps the oils for up to 3-5 years when kept closed in a cool place.

Only the finest materials havebeen chosen to be used in your kit.

Using your Chakra Therapy System

The pendulum is used to determine the state of the chakra. To check your chakras, sit in an upright position with your back straight and legs uncrossed. Rest the open kit on your lap or on a table. Using your thumb and index finger hold the pendulum loosely by the knob. Your arm should remain relaxed and unrestricted.

Hold the pendulum over the root stone in the kit and bring your attention to the chakra point (see Figure 1). Say, “Show the condition of the chakra” while holding the pendulum over the corresponding stone. The pendulum will soon begin to move. The pendulum mirrors the movement, or lack of movement, in the chakra.

Now take the corresponding bottle of oil in your other hand and breathe in the oil while observing the pendulum movement. If there is an area that is “stuck,” ask to cleanse and treat the chakra while breathing in the appropriate oil.

clockwise rotation indicates that the chakra is open. Be sure to always smell the oil so that any hidden disturbances can be swept away. A side-to-side movement indicates an emotional block. Aforward-and-backward movement indicates a physical block. Uneven movement indicates a combination of blocks. Counter-clockwise indicates that the chakra is trying to release or is in the process of releasing. A lack of movement indicates the chakra is closed.

Move the pendulum to the next chakra and repeat this process until all seven chakras indicate they are open and clear (a clockwise rotation of the pendulum). Treat all of your chakras; none of them would want to be left out.

If this is your first time using a pendulum or balancing your chakras, it may take some time to connect. So, relax, be patient, and allow the pendulum to move. During the first two weeks of using the system it is common to get many different readings. If you treat your chakras once or twice a day, the chakras will soon remain clear. This is when the fun begins! Continue to clear your chakras daily.

Open: clockwise circle
Physical: forward/backward (vertical)
Emotional: side to side (horizontal)
Closed: no movement
Clearing: counterclockwise (processing)

If a particular chakra is consistently out of balance, try carrying the appropriate stone in contact with your body in a pocket or a pouch.

Using your Essential Oils

Anointing the physical points further enhances the treatment. Touch your finger to the top of the vial and put a small amount of oil on your finger. Breathe in the essence. Rub the chakra area in a circular, clockwise motion 2-3 times. Feel the chakra energy as it begins to resonate with you. Rub any excess oil from your finger, and then use a different finger for the next oil.

You may also want to apply a small drop of oil on each chakra after your bath or shower

Enhance Other Therapies

When using this system in conjunction with massage and other therapies, you may wish to have the person lie down, hold the pendulum over their chakra or touch them and test their chakras over the stone in the box. Then have them inhale the oil as you observe the pendulum’s movement.

Advanced Methods

1. Place the pendulum over the appropriate stone or chakra point. Visualize the color that relates to the chakra. Visualize that colored light pouring into and filling the chakra and spinning it in a clockwise direction as you sniff the appropriate oil. Continue with each chakra. Relax for 3-5 minutes and enjoy feeling the energy from the stones and oils as they resonate to energize your whole being.

2. After all seven chakras are clear, balance each organ in the same way (i.e. to clear the liver, hold the pendulum over the solar plexus and ask to show the condition of the liver). Then smell the solar plexus oil until the pendulum moves clockwise. Clear all of your internal organs and glands once a day.

Emotional Aspects
Root Red Adrenal body support, spine, bones, kidneys, large intestine, lower back, knees, feet, appendix grounding (support from nature), money, survival, self-confidence, safety and acceptance, fear, inner strength
Sacral Orange Gonads reproductive system, ileum, cecum, duodenum, lower vertebrae, small intestine, pelvis, urinary tract, bladder “the Should and Should Not Chakra,” blame, guilt, freedom of self, power and control, cultural power
Solar Plexus Yellow Pancreas stomach, gastric/digestion, liver, gall bladder, spleen trust, self-respect, self-empowerment, sensitivity, assimilation of power
Heart Green/Pink Thymus heart, circulatory system, blood, lungs, bronchi, breasts, nervous system, upper back and shoulders, lymph love, compassion, joy, acceptance, nurturing of self, flexibility
Throat Blue Thyroid throat, neck/jaw, upper respiratory system, mouth/ teeth/gums, skin, upper back, shoulders, arms, hands self-expression, dynamic will, self-support and acknowledgment, creativity, ability to follow one’s dreams
Head Indigo Pituitary central nervous system, inner ears/eyes, mental/ neurological abilities, nose, hearing/sight, hypothalamus awareness, self-knowing, sureness, cognitive intelligence, mental balance
Crown Violet/White Pineal Brain, central nervous system worthiness, ability to trust, humanitarianism, spiritual devotion

Check out our current selection of Chakra Therapy Systems

Learn about the Crystals that come with your Chakra Therapy System

A set of seven stones comes with each system.

One variety for each chakra is hand selected intuitively and personally for you from each section below.

Root — 1st Chakra

Blood Stone — Grounding — connects you with the Earth

Obsidian — Works with Earth issues — character lessons

Snowflake Obsidian — Works with Earth issues — character lessons

Moss Agate — Connects you with the Earth — similar to Blood Stone

Tarentella Fossils — Dense and heavy — good for grounding

Hematite — Natually magnetic Grounds — good for those who don’t stay grounded

Garnet — Connection with the Earth and the Mother

Blue Tiger’s Eye — Brings in aspects of self-awareness and throat

Sacral — 2nd Chakra

Red Jasper — Brings cultural empowerment (should’s and shouldn’t’s) into higher aspect

Carnelian — Works on reproductive system – brings male and female into balance

Solar Plexus — 3rd Chakra

Citrine — Removes toxins from Solar Plexus (the clearer it is, the higher quality)

Yellow Calcite — Removes toxins from Solar Plexus (lower quality than Citrine)

Red Tiger’s Eye — Integrates the 1st three chakras together as it grounds and protects

Yellow Tiger’s Eye — Integrates the 1st three chakras together as it grounds and protects

Heart — 4th Chakra

Aventurine — Protects and encourages empathing

Rose Quartz — Opens up the heart chakra

Amazonite — Helps user with empathing

Rhodite — Brings together empathing and the opening of the heart

Unakite — Protects from electromagnetic interference and connects with root and the Earth

Throat — 5th Chakra

Angelite — Opens the throat and brings in higher aspects of will

Blue Lace Agate — Develops will

Blue Agate — Builds will

Blue Calcite — Repairs throat and throat chakra

Chrysocola — Gives a sense of knowing

Apatite — Unrestricts the throat (throws your crap out)

3rd Eye — 6th Chakra

Banded Amethyst — Stirs and opens 3rd eye (adds elements of Quartz which calms Amethyst quality)

Ametrine — Nurturing to 3rd eye (combines Citrine and Amethyst)

Sodalite — Relaxes nervous system (good for those with anxiety or nervousness)

Labradorite — Intuitive stone

Crown — 7th Chakra

Clear Quartz — Brings you into your divine self

Check out our current selection of Chakra Therapy Systems


  • I Love My Chakra Life Box!

    I have had my kit over 3 years, and it is something I would not want to be without.

    It really works fast to balance my chakra, and I love how it clears my space. It's always next to my desk.

    Thank you for bringing us this amazing device!


  • Time to Reflect Each Morning

    I cannot say enough about the Chakra Kit. It has been about 20 years since I received my Chakra Life kit and it continues to be an integral part of my day. It provides a way for me to take time each morning to recognize each chakra and move into the day with gratitude. My kit, although older, remains lovely. It is a plain box set, but so well made that even after years of use, the wood and hinges have not needed replacement. The stones are as lovely today as they were 20 years ago. I periodically replace the essential oils. Over the years, each new set contains the same soothing and deep scents. The stones and oils are perfectly matched making the kit such a pleasure to use. I have given all of my children a set of their own. This is a gift that I truly cherish, and will for my lifetime.

    Tarki Heath

  • I wouldn't be without my Chakra Therapy System!

    The Chakra Therapy System is one of the most useful tools I have every found for my work with animals.

    During communication sessions, I often use it to check and help rebalance and open the animals' energy field, and I also make sure that my own chakras are open before sessions.

    Animals are so ready to release their emotional baggage, and the Chakra Therapy System helps me demonstrate the process to their human families.

    Denise Norberg-Johnson — Defyning Moments, LLC

  • My daughter was totally thrilled receiving her own chakra healing box.

    She's grown up using mine.

    Now so far away, an adult and on on her own - it completes her home!

    Thank you!

    Catherine A

  • WOW just got my box!

    My husband was so curious I cleared my chakras while standing in my kitchen, not exactly the ideal place, but it worked. Thank you so much!

    The box is beautiful & I'm very pleased with the choice of gems!

    I'm getting ready to order an extra set of oils so I have enough to dab on the chakras that need a little extra help.


  • Love the Chakra Box!

    I've been using it on myself daily AND as a proxy for a friend whose chakras were totally shut down.

    After two weeks of treating her daily her chakras started spinning correctly". She says that she is feeling better also.

    She was having memory loss and had even seen a neurologist for a battery of tests and they discovered nothing ............. so she was at a loss until I offered to treat her as an experiment.



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