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Love the Chakra Box

Love the chakra box. I've been using it on myself daily AND as a proxy for a friend whose chakras were totally shut down. After two weeks of...

I Love My Chakra Life Box

I have had my kit over 3 years, and it is something I would not want to be without. I really works fast to balance my chakra and I love how it clears...

Thanks for your thgh

Thanks for your toughts. It's helped me a lot.

The Tapestry of Humanity - Boca Raton, FL


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The Tapestry of Humanity

at the Farmers Table in Boca Raton, FL

January 27, 2019

9:30am - 5pm ( please arrive by 9am)

Where is humanity in the process of evolution NOW?

How to determine your level of consciousness?

Learn how we are being guided by female & male (Yin & Yang) Celestial Beings.

What is the Current plan for Earth and humanity?

Where do we go from here?

Space Limited

Directions sent with registration