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Thanks for your thgh

Thanks for your toughts. It's helped me a lot.

Totally Thrilled

Totally Thrilled

My daughter was totally thrilled receiving her own chakra healing box. She's grown up using mine. Now so far away, an adult and on on her own -...

Chakra Therapy System

The Chakra Therapy System is one of the most useful tools I have every found for my work with animals. During communication sessions, I often use it...

Meeting The Ascended Masters/Tapestry of Humanity- 2 Great Days


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2 Great workshops in 2 days - January 26 & 27, 2019

Seating is limited so sign up and get some sun!

Farmer's Table & The Wyndham Boca
1901 N. Military Trail
Boca Raton, FL 33431

Confirmation will be sent out with registration.

Vegetarian lunch included


Meeting The Ascended Masters - Saturday, January 26

Who are the Ascended Masters? 

Where do they exist?

Are they mortal?

What is their purpose?

How can I contact them?

They are ascended Beings who are here to assist mortals in attaining the same ascendance they have mastered.  Learn the story of how this amazing group of light beings came to be.  They will discuss their ascendance journey and the role they play in assisting us on ours. 

We will play with eight of our Masters and create an ongoing connection with several.

They will discuss their service to humanity and why they have chosen to serve us.

The Tapestry of Humanity - Sunday, January 27

Where is humanity in the process of evolution NOW?
How to determine your level of consciousness?
Learn how we being guided by the Celestial Beings
What is the Current plan for Earth and humanity?
Where do we go from here?

Call 480-595-1890 or email: editor@chakralife.com