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Totally Thrilled

Totally Thrilled

My daughter was totally thrilled receiving her own chakra healing box. She's grown up using mine. Now so far away, an adult and on on her own -...

Chakra Therapy System

The Chakra Therapy System is one of the most useful tools I have every found for my work with animals. During communication sessions, I often use it...

Time to Reflect Each Morning

I just got online to reorder my essential oils and noticed the "testimonial" section. I cannot say enough about the Chakra Kit. It has been about 20...

Being A Super Human

A one-day intensive workshop on understanding the developing Universal Consciousness with Jaculin & Patrick Dorman

Saturday – February 21, 2015  - 9:00am - 5:30pm
Cave Creek, AZ

Conversations with and Messages from Ascended Masters including
-Lady Portia
-Djwhal Khul

Explanation of light body changes you are experiencing
-Learn Light body techniques to aid in the expansion of consciousness
-Assistance in our body transformation from 3D to 5D
-Help in understanding the changes you are feeling
-Create your environment to support this transformation

Processing Your 3D Karma
–Lady Portia will take us through this process
-Let you know what it means and what to expect

Discussion of Earth trajectory and what to expect from Mother Earth

Ceremony honoring the Earth and Her Star Children

to register by phone call 480-595-1890

Click Here to Register!

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