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Chakra Therapy System

WOW just got my box! My husband was so curious I cleared my chakras while standing in my kitchen, not exactly the ideal place, but it worked....

Thanks for your thgh

Thanks for your toughts. It's helped me a lot.

Chakra Therapy System

The Chakra Therapy System is one of the most useful tools I have every found for my work with animals. During communication sessions, I often use it...

Energy Radiance Certified Practioners

Name City State/Country Phone Email Website/Notes
Ammie England Los Angeles CA 310-613-4264 ammieenglandclp@gmail.com www.starchildwellness.com
Jaclyn Tyrcha, Deaf  Denver co



Risa Z Lewis, Deaf Fredrick MD - USA 240-575-2180 risa@risalewis.com risalewis.com
Deena Elmore Delray Beach FL - USA 561-393-6200 reikideena@yahoo.com  
Dana Hergott Scottsdale AZ - USA 480-391-3985 phergott@shaw.ca USA and Canada
Cindy Davis HHP, LMT Santa Barbara CA - USA 805-448-5861 cindydavis7@gmail.com  
Ronee Goldstone Cave Creek AZ - USA 480-513-1202    
Terri Kusma Tucson AZ - USA 908-310-0830 tucsonterri@gamail.com Reiki Master
Roger Barranco RMT, LMT Santa Barbara CA - USA 805-588-4749 rnbarranco@comcast.com  
Dorothy Germain Greensboro NC - USA 336-215-1861 germaind@earthlink.net  
Dana Hergott Canmore Alberta - CA 403-678-4435 danaperc@shaw.ca  
Helen Abell NY NY - USA 718-687-0868 hrmocha@gmail.com  
Darlene Liedig Hope Mills NC - USA 910-423-1764 halopower@earthlink.net  
Deborah Kauffeld Ferguson NC - USA 941-323-5226 dkauffeld@mac.com  
Robin Young Mesa AZ - USA 480-659-7365    
Lara Fletcher Verde Valley AZ - USA 928-634-2748 lara.fletcher@msn.com  
Kim Burows Scottsdale AZ - USA 602-316-0544 bouquetofhealing@gmail.com  
Wendy Rothenberg Peoria AZ - USA 623-825-0393 wendyrothenberg@cox.net  
Janis Goldstien Cave Creek AZ - USA 480-403-1777 janis_goldstein@yahoo.com  
Jamie Thompson Chandler AZ - USA 602-463-1473 jltjam@cox.net  
Kathleen Wollenberg Ahwatukee AZ - USA 480-598-2923 kjwollenberg@hotmail.com  
Patti Bonnay Phoenix AZ - USA 602-301-2263 wadlingpb@msn.com  
Sarah Laurent Phoenix -N AZ - USA 602-993 0470 starpath2012@cox.net available on weekends
Patricia McCormick Phoenix -N AZ - USA 480-307-7995 mccormick@patriciamccormick.com PatriciaMcCormick.com
Beth Rahe Phoenix AZ - USA 602-206-1759 rrahe@cox.net  
Josie Towell Phoenix AZ - USA 602-363-6750 towels@att.net  
Jill Elliott Precott Valley AZ - USA 928-634 -1142 jille@cybertrails.com specializing in animals
Dana Hergott Scottsdale AZ - USA 480-391-3985 phergott@shaw.ca USA and Canada
Jackie Kaestle Delray Beach FL - USA 561-638-1414 Pkaestle@bellsouth.net  
Diane Thomas-Gonzale Rockledge FL - USA 321-591-3704 hrttouch@aol.com  
Laney Kidd Albuquerque NM - USA   rdkidd@aol.com  
Jo Rainey Tisdale Greensboro NC - USA 336-274-0991 JoRainey@mindspring.com  
Christina Borman Phoenix AZ - USA 480-575-0124 angel1@carefreeangels.com carefreeangels.com