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Chakra Therapy System

WOW just got my box! My husband was so curious I cleared my chakras while standing in my kitchen, not exactly the ideal place, but it worked....

Cat Love

Don't know if you remember me asking you if just by having the chakra box in the same room as my 17 year old cat who was diagnosed with kidney...

Love the Chakra Box

Love the chakra box. I've been using it on myself daily AND as a proxy for a friend whose chakras were totally shut down. After two weeks of...

Energy Radiance

A comprehensive self-empowerment program pursed by Medical Professionals as well as those looking to enhance their spiritual growth.

These workshops and sessions include many light techniques taught to Jaculin as a child by the Celestial Realms.  Her vision and health issues as a child allowed her to keep clear communication with the Celestials.

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Energy Radiance Training

This training teaches you how to expand your awareness for self-awareness as well as giving you techniques to become a medical intuitive and energetic healer. Training is divided into 3 classes.

Essentials of Energy Radiance

This two-day workshop opens your ability to perceive through feeling, seeing and/or hearing, and you learn to perceive what you want, when you want. You will learn to key into your sixth senses and open the doorway to extra-sensory perception. 

Energy Radiance Advanced

A four-day intensive workshop where you will learn to understand the blocks that weave into life programs, and techniques to give a basic Energy Radiance Session.

Energy Radiance Practitioner

A four-day intensive workshop where you learn all techniques and protocols of the Energy Radiance Technique™. This course facilitates a deeper connection with your guides, and you learn the protocols of communicating with your and others' guides.

Also covered is an explanation of how organs and systems are linked, how the energetic body relates to the physical organs, and how the mind reacts/responds when there is an imbalance in the body and how to repair them.

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Energy Radiance Sessions

As a medical intuitive, Jaculin will speak directly to those in guidance, and discuss with you what they are saying to assist you in understanding and releasing blocks that may be causing physical or emotional disturbances.

Together you feel the understanding of the lessons as your guardians help to releases them physically, mentally, and spiritually from your energy field to assist your spirit and accelerate the growth of your self-awareness. 

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