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Love the Chakra Box

Love the chakra box. I've been using it on myself daily AND as a proxy for a friend whose chakras were totally shut down. After two weeks of...

Time to Reflect Each Morning

I just got online to reorder my essential oils and noticed the "testimonial" section. I cannot say enough about the Chakra Kit. It has been about 20...

Chakra Therapy System

The Chakra Therapy System is one of the most useful tools I have every found for my work with animals. During communication sessions, I often use it...


Chakra Therapy System Styles

There are many great styles ranging from premium engraved woods to Baltic birch laminate. All of the engraved and solid styles are made of 100% solid hardwood. This impacts the energy, making them stronger than the birch laminate systems.

No matter what style you choose, the stones and oils sit in the same self-perpetuating energy field within a copper coil magnetic matrix that will clear them after each use. Every system comes with a set of seven stones and oils.

This broadcast field will also help clear your room and let you share the system with your friends and family. Use it on others long distance or before your meditations.

Solid Hardwood Systems

Made of 100% pure solid exotic hardwood, and comes with a stone pendulum.

Solid Hardwood Systems with Engraved Sacred Symbol
Stimulate Your Recall to Awareness

Every solid hardwood engraved system includes a hand turned wooden pendulum.

Baltic Birch Laminate Systems

Handsomely crafted from high quality birch laminated plywood, and with a lower price tag. Comes with a stone pendulum.

Chakra Therapy System Dimensions are 6-3/4” x 3-3/4”

Please call 480-595-1890 with any questions or special order requests.

Watch the Chakra Therapy System Video Series!

Gold inlay can be added to any solid engraved system for $45

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Topaz Chakra Pendant
Topaz Chakra Pendant
$110.00  $66.00
Save: 40% off
OM - Silver/Garnet Pendant
OM - Silver/Garnet Pendant
$39.00  $23.40
Save: 40% off