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I Love My Chakra Life Box

I have had my kit over 3 years, and it is something I would not want to be without. I really works fast to balance my chakra and I love how it clears...

Time to Reflect Each Morning

I just got online to reorder my essential oils and noticed the "testimonial" section. I cannot say enough about the Chakra Kit. It has been about 20...

Cat Love

Don't know if you remember me asking you if just by having the chakra box in the same room as my 17 year old cat who was diagnosed with kidney...

Chakra Stone Information

for the Chakra Therapy System

A set of seven stones comes with each system. One variety for each chakra is hand selected intuitively and personally for you from each section below.

Root — 1st Chakra

Blood Stone — Grounding — connects you with the Earth

Obsidian — Works with Earth issues — character lessons

Snowflake Obsidian — Works with Earth issues — character lessons

Moss Agate — Connects you with the Earth — similar to Blood Stone

Tarentella Fossils — Dense and heavy — good for grounding

Hematite — Natually magnetic Grounds — good for those who don’t stay grounded

Garnet — Connection with the Earth and the Mother

Blue Tiger’s Eye — Brings in aspects of self-awareness and throat


Sacral — 2nd Chakra

Red Jasper — Brings cultural empowerment (should’s and shouldn't's) into higher aspect

Carnelian — Works on reproductive system – brings male and female into balance


Solar Plexus — 3rd Chakra

Citrine — Removes toxins from Solar Plexus (the clearer it is, the higher quality)

Yellow Calcite — Removes toxins from Solar Plexus (lower quality than Citrine)

Red Tiger’s Eye — Integrates the 1st three chakras together as it grounds and protects

Yellow Tiger’s Eye — Integrates the 1st three chakras together as it grounds and protects


Heart — 4th Chakra

Aventurine — Protects and encourages empathing

Rose Quartz — Opens up the heart chakra

Amazonite — Helps user with empathing

Rhodite — Brings together empathing and the opening of the heart

Unakite — Protects from electromagnetic interference and connects with root and the Earth


Throat — 5th Chakra

Angelite — Opens the throat and brings in higher aspects of will

Blue Lace Agate — Develops will

Blue Agate — Builds will

Blue Calcite — Repairs throat and throat chakra

Chrysocola — Gives a sense of knowing

Apatite — Unrestricts the throat (throws your crap out)


3rd Eye — 6th Chakra

Banded Amethyst — Stirs and opens 3rd eye (adds elements of Quartz which calms Amethyst quality)

Ametrine — Nurturing to 3rd eye (combines Citrine and Amethyst)

Sodalite — Relaxes nervous system (good for those with anxiety or nervousness)

Labradorite — Intuitive stone


Crown — 7th Chakra

Clear Quartz — Brings you into your divine self

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