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Time to Reflect Each Morning

I just got online to reorder my essential oils and noticed the "testimonial" section. I cannot say enough about the Chakra Kit. It has been about 20...

Chakra Therapy System

WOW just got my box! My husband was so curious I cleared my chakras while standing in my kitchen, not exactly the ideal place, but it worked....

Thanks for your thgh

Thanks for your toughts. It's helped me a lot.



We see the world through our own eyes.  There is no other way to see the world or ourselves than through our own perceptions. Yet as our consciousness increases, we find ourselves seeing through the reflection in others’ eyes and beyond the veil of our isolation.  This is what is happening to us in a global sense.

Not everyone has to to get it.  Not everyone has to see through the veil of self for the world to change. We have said before that it is the job of star children to create the new paradigm through our lives and perceptions.  This is how we light the way for others.

This is why it is so important for us to see through the smoke and mirrors of a 3-dimensional world. As the world seems to get darker, know that in the ultimate phase of chaos the path is so obscured that it is hardest to see.  The world is better, not worse.  For now, the planet is still being run by 2- year-old souls. Two-year-olds cannot see beyond themselves and only cares about their immediate desires. They want what they want when they want it.  It is our job to increase our consciousness to see though the 3-dimensional illusion and unravel the old selfish and obsessive paradigm. So, continue to be the light and you will help to weave a new reality, as from the current chaos we organize our new and conscious world.



When you jump into a clear lake, there is a period of time before the silt settles and you can see the bottom again.  In 2013, we jumped into the transition phase of the Error (the reason there is polarity and conflict). Now we are in 2014.  In this phase we are slowly dismantling the paradox through our consciousness. You may find things moving incredibly fast, and your fatigue level can be very high.  This is because we are being challenged to hold our center in the middle of a storm.  There is a pull to aggravate you. Even though Star Children are wise enough not to let themselves fall into fear based doctrine, the next best thing the opposing force can find to do is to frustrate and annoy you.  This plan has been somewhat successful as we move into the next level of clarity.

The Error is currently being dismantled through our collective consciousness, so the opposing force is working hard to suppress and confuse you, to keep you off center.  We need to use all of our skills to keep centered.  Step back and do not let things bother you.  The changes that this year brings will move us into a higher level of understanding.  The first rule of change is to flow. Holding on to your old ideas will cause more turmoil, whereas flowing with change will propel you to a greater place. 

Stay in the flow and wait for the silt in the lake to settle. Tune in and follow Guidance.  There is a great need to sleep and meditation, for this is when you are being transformed into a higher vibration. Go with it. Aches and pains, headaches and bloating are common when you are in transition. We are walking into higher consciousness; and if 2013 was not fast enough for you, hold onto your hat as we sprint through 2014.


The purpose of our human lives is to expand the light in humanity through our consciousness. We are here to “walk our talk.” When we become more aware and less dramatic, we pave the way for others to do the same.  This is a time to share.  It is a great opportunity to be the light and share our light. 
The polarization of consciousness has never been more apparent, but this does not mean that we are becoming denser. Actually, it is quite the opposite. It means that we are finally being seen. And because we are now visible (light and dark), there is less ability to push mass consciousness into fear. We are not being duped by the controlling few anymore. 
This polarization is causing the denser beings to become afraid. The more they are caught in their own mousetrap, the more positive change we will see.  So if you feel that you are not doing anything, look again, and know that being the light is the greatest job on Earth.


Here We Are 12/20/12
Here we are on the cusp of the Equinox.  What will the future be and how will it affect our lives?  Our main focus must be love.  As the Star Children of Earth it is our life’s purpose to elevate our consciousness and in turn, the consciousness of the planet.  The events of the past week seem counter productive.  As tragic as they are, they have brought a huge awareness of what our values and beliefs are.

We are making a new world.  We are leaving the third dimension of  character development and moving into the fifth dimension of love.  Learning to understand and feel our connectedness to one another does not allow violence. This is the polarization we feel so dramatically on the planet. Large numbers of Star Children have been doing their jobs and are evolving their consciousness. This has a polarizing effect on the collective consciousness.  When we come from a limited thought pattern, change is a very scary thing.  To some, holding onto the broken paradigm is more appealing than moving with the flow of change.

Our service is greatest now as we keep ourselves in compassion without falling into the fear or drama based on third-dimensional conditioned responses.  There is order to the chaos.  Our job is to hold the light in love and feel gratitude for all experiences.  The chaos on the planet is a fear response to a world out of control.  Gross actions are designed to increase the awareness of sleeping people. Now, more than ever, is our time to send love and gratitude to the collective consciousness.

Since 12/12/12 the request of the Mother is that we concentrate on love. Be love. The chaos can stop you or propel you into light. As 12/21/12 approaches, our energy is intent on creating a loving consciousness, an aware consciousness. The Mother asks that this focus of love and gratitude be our daily prayer. How we hold our light now, in the chaos, will direct the path humanity takes in the next 3 months.  This is our purpose. This is it.  We are the light.





Try Doing “Nothing”

- By Jaculin Dorman - 9-10-11

Earth, the working planet, is not a place where you can do nothing.  Even if we are doing “nothing” you are doing something.  Maybe we just want to hang around the house, doing nothing. So we take a nap, watch a movie, stare at the wall or think lovely thoughts.  Doing ”nothing” is not an option on Planet Earth.  It is Earth’s nature to self-perpetuate action. So, you could hang out on the sofa, but you will have to get up for one reason or another.  Change just happens.  The key is to flow with change.


There is a worldwide epidemic of people not wanting change. Holding onto the old and wanting yesterday’s moment to fit into today is like trying to do “nothing.” Every day that we wake up is a new day.  Yesterday is gone and tomorrow has not yet arrived. The only time we have is this very moment. No others exist, only this one.  So as we move forward into our new paradigm of existence we must develop the same flexibility that Earth has. Flow and change with each moment.  Embrace change. Feel gratitude for each and every moment. It is our moment making up the collage of our lives.


Politics is a great reflection of the collective mind.  Oh, dear!  Washington is so mind divided and non-cooperative that “nothing” is getting done.  In this case, “nothing” means chaos, fear and anger, to name a few.  So, regardless of your political point of view, take a look at some part of our government and see what it is reflecting to you.  We are not separate from “those” in Washington; we are part of the whole.  If Star Children are going to change the world, we must look at what the world is reflecting and shift the chaos, fear and anger to love and gratitude.  Instead of a self-serving narrow-minded government or world, we can change our world to one that is compassionate and effective. Fear and anger do not allow love and gratitude to flourish. So, let’s experiment. Every time we feel disgusted with some aspect of government, let’s send love and gratitude instead of criticism. Then let’s do the same with that “magic moment” we just had where our ego was a little reactive. B%$ching and moaning does not help anything.  It actually increases negativity and keeps the drama going.  When something upsetting happens, take a deep breath, and give yourself love and compassion.  


So, get off of the sofa and do “something.” Turning our backs on chaos, fear and anger does not make them go away. Nor is it doing “nothing.”  It is through our love and compassion that light shines through and the world changes to a better place. When we focus our thoughts every moment on gratitude and love we shift “nothing” to something truly wonderful, one moment at a time.

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The World We Create

- By Jaculin Dorman

  Now is the time for each human being to live in their true potential.  We are dynamic beings co-orchestrating in a dynamic world, just beginning to see our true potential. Our eyes are just now opening to see our part of the divine creation in which we exist.  It is through human thought that the world manifests itself.  We are not puppets on string being manipulated at the whim of a higher being.  We are connected to an infinite divine force that creates everything. We are part of the creation and the creator. 

  Our thoughts set energy in motion, manifesting what we feel, and ripples across the cosmos as a harmonic sound.  The earth vibration has been at the lowest conscious level for thousands of years.  We are seeing the earth toss and turn as she awakens.  The new vibration of the Earth is one of connectedness where we recognize that we are not singular, but part of the whole cosmos.

  What our attitude is toward people and life matters.  When we live in gratitude and love we are respecting our connection to Source and the role that we play in the manifestation of this world.  When we think poorly of others or ourselves we are denying our inheritance as humans to manifest a loving and harmonious existence. 

As we see the upheaval in the world we can see that there is a change occurring that will redesign our physical and mental existence.  Love really is all that matters in a world of change.  Viewing our lives and the lives of others with respect for the experience that we all choose is paramount.  When I was 19 years old I was part of a community that attempted to live self sufficient in a loving and harmonious connection to the earth.  Most of the local inhabitants of the town did not understand how a group of people could be spiritual or good if they did not hold their beliefs.  So, one night a fire was started and we escaped with our lives and watched as the local fire department refused to put the fire out. 

  This made it fairly clear to me that the world was not ready for progressive thought and the dream of living in this harmonious way went up in smoke. When I phoned my sister to tell her, she exclaimed that it was a disaster!  I responded to her that it was not a disaster unless I said it was, and I said, it is moving day. 

  As a result of that event I pursued my ideals in a less judgmental way.  It’s not my job to change the way people think or convince them that my way is right, and that their way has not worked for a really long time.  It is my job to live my truth and manifest a greater world through my world and experience.  I am grateful for that night because it showed me my judgments. My judgment was judging their judgmental behavior. When we act from a place of judgment we manifest even more judgmental behavior.  We are all connected.  If a conflict is in your face, there is a reason and you, need a mirror to understand why.

We see all of the conflict and problems of the world and wonder why there is disharmony.  It is through our own balance and understanding that we expand the world and live on a planet of higher consciousness.  This is the day to put our thoughts in a place of love and gratitude as we honor what each breath brings us.  If we cannot play with life, then life will not be fun. I end everyday with two words, thank you. When we love and honor everyday as a great experience, then everyday becomes that great experience.


Our Unlimited Potential

By Jaculin Dorman

We are limitless beings with unlimited potential.  As we expand and grow into our higher potential we find several things happening.  Our world will become more malleable as we become more flexible in body and mind. 

Many of us are experiencing body discomfort and fatigue. This is because of the “stretching” that our energy bodies are experiencing.   Grounding will help you feel fewer aches and pains as this process swings into full gear.  Eat well and get rest.  Do not push yourself to a point of exhaustion.  Reduce your intake of stimulants and sweets.

Activity from the sun is pulling on the earth and our bodies.  The earth reacts to this strain by an increase in natural disasters.  So we, as the Star Children, are the light beacons for others to follow through the maze of dimensional shifting.   It is our job to hold the light and be the light in the middle of rigidity.  Many, out of fear, are trying to hold onto their old paradigm.  Some even appear to be successful, but this will not last.  Because change is the only sure thing, holding onto an outdated paradigm will get support from others in the same fear structure, but it cannot support itself in the end and will become transparent.

This is why we must embrace our unlimited potential and leave the fear behind.  The more we embrace who we really are, the more love we feel.  The more love we feel, the more we are grateful for our lives.  The more love we feel and thanks we give, the more we expand our hearts and move out of the fear paradigm and into a love-based existence.  This is where we find our true potential and propel the world and us into a “lighter” existence. 

Staying positive and seeing the world without judgment or negativity will bring more conscious behavior to humanity.  Dwelling in negativity and fear only makes us negative and fearful.  Judging those we disagree with makes us no different than them. Reach for higher consciousness by focusing on love and understanding.  We are closer than you think, so stretch and reach for your true star potential.

Our world Reflection

By Jaculin Dorman

I remember being taught in school that our government is a reflection of ourselves. This was my first indicator that I had something to do with the world I lived in.  As our consciousness grows, we see our connection to ONE and we realize that our thoughts connect us to the source and create the world we live in.  How life reacts to you is the result of how you react to yourself.

As a child I was ill and unhappy.  I felt trapped and prisoner to the world of circumstance.  Then I awoke to the illusion of life and saw that I was the master of my reality.  I sat in my kitchen terrified at the thought of functioning in the solid, sighted world.  Who would I be? What would life be like?  Would it be easier or harder? Would I like the solid world?  Would I be more or less trapped?  I chose to take the chance and allow myself to heal and manifest a new me.  Slowly, that imprisoned existence fell away and was replaced by the joy of life. 

We, and the world are at that same crossroads.  It is our reflection that makes the world.  We manifest what we need for as long as it serves us. Humanity has been in a hypnotic trance, unable to see how a few are controlling the masses.  To be free from this self-imprisonment, we must see our own potential and reflect it into the world.  The more we shift our consciousness, the more we help others shift their consciousness.

The Earth Mother is optimistic for us, yet she is not stopping and waiting for us to figure out who we are. We are moving forward into a new world consciousness that does not imprison humanity.  It is time for us to create our reality to reflect the loving beings that we are. Leaving a familiar although uncomfortable reality to one that is mysterious and unknown can be scary.  What I have found is that you do not leave one reality for another, but blend them together taking the best of both worlds to create the reality you desire.  Think, ponder and dream what you want your world to be for you and it will reflect it back to you as your reality.

Change the World

By Jaculin Dorman

Positive thought is the most valuable tool available to humankind.  We are able to redirect a negative outcome of an event with positive thought. The beauty of this is that positive thought is not driven by right or wrong, but moves like a dynamo to create the best outcome for all. 

We see people becoming polarized in their viewpoints.  This is causing huge amounts of unrest, fear and confusion.  These negative thought patterns are preventing us from finding a solution.  Negative thoughts keep us in drama and unrest. Fear prevents us from feeling clarity and brings us to dark and unhappy places. 

When I was a young adult, there was a fire in the house where I was living. We escaped in the middle of a winter night with our lives.  Everyone told me it was a disaster.  I kept correcting them saying, “It is not a disaster until I say it is, and I say it is moving day.”  The course of my life took an acute change in direction that night, and I moved not only to a new location, but also into a better understanding of myself and what I wanted from life.

Many of you are at this cross road.  Change becomes more difficult when you resist the flow of energy that is moving you through life. They more you embrace the change, the smoother the ride.  When you let go of the fear and open yourself up to the adventure of life the journey is faster and easier.  We do not always like what is happening in our lives, our country, or our world.  Sometimes the only thing we have any control of is our minds. Keeping your mind clear and focused in positive thought is a lifelong attribute.  Mediate daily, use your Chakra Therapy System and focus on your root, solar plexus and third eye chakras.  Then use Conscious Use of Power (“See Star Children, Remember”) many times throughout the day. Do not watch the news or put yourself in situations that will upset you as much as possible. In your daily shower visualize the water purifying not only your physical body, but also your emotional body, washing negativity, stress and impurities down the drain.

 This is a tremendous time.  It is a time of reconstruction.  We are increasing the consciousness of the world through our consciousness.  All of our old 3D patterns and thoughts are being broken.  This is the beginning, not the end.  Design your world through your consciousness by using positive thought. This is a time of great growth for us and the planet.  The more She (the earth) rocks, the greater we roll. The more we focus our thoughts in a positive direction, the smoother our ride on planet earth will be.


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Advancing Step By Step

By Jaculin Dorman

Consciousness and will-power are what move us forward toward positive change.  Let the events of this past year make a positive change in your life.  Look forward, not backward.  We all make what appear to be mistakes, but so many of the events of the recent past will prove to have moved us in a positive direction.  Spiritual growth is rising over materialism.  Our attention is focused more on the Mother Earth and her preservation than material gain.  Spiritual evolution is on the rise.

The first step in Christ or Universal consciousness is to realize that you are not all there is in the universe.  It is to realize that you are an integral part of the whole, and that we are all part of One.  The current economic events are a way toward expansion beyond the self and limited thought.  We must realize that everything evolves on a cycle of change that is accelerating through imbalance.  Stability is maintained based on balance and humankind’s consciousness. 

So, as you experience the tension and turmoil of our world, reflect on where you want to be and how you want your world to be. Then, take action in that direction.  We are making our new world and expanding into Universal consciousness.  This takes a bit of reshaping and stretching in ways we have not bent before.  We will find our new flexibility as we change our focus and create a new lens from which to see our reality.

If you have had great loss, look for the spiritual direction you are being turned toward. Know that you are being guided to a new frontier. You are the pioneers in the future of our civilization.

Love Cocoon,
How To Stay In It And Out Of The Mind Tricks

By Jaculin Dorman

It is clear to see the divided opinions in the world are showing themselves more as the light on the planet increases.  As we enter this phase of transition you may feel disjointed and overwhelmed.  The panic cries of the 3rd dimensional pundit mongers are fighting to survive by making as much noise as possible in an attempt to derail and divert the increase in consciousness on earth.  The heavens are in a particular position of chaos as well, making us feel like we are surrounded by negativity.  But, this is an illusion to push us further into love and cocoon ourselves in light.  This is our job.

When the world seems to be pulling you out of your love cocoon, get back in by using the empathic shield we taught in the Star Child booklet.  Fill yourself and your surroundings with love and you will move the panic energy of the world away form you.  Stay in your shield of light as the 3rd dimensional antics play themselves out. 

There is a great deal of mind bending and fear promotion on every possible level, so do not accept things on face value. The fear of epidemics is a classic attempt to control the masses and make a lot of money, regardless of the damage the so-called “cure” will cause. Fear is what is used to create cooperative sheep that are control and manipulated by a few. In other words, the aim is to create sheep that will not question. So, question everything, even information dressed as spiritual advice. 

This is our time to come into power as the light beings of the planet and lift away the ego - greed power base that has driven this planet until now.  All is on course and going very well. Stay in your love cocoon and spread the light.  Keep watching out for tricks and light the way to dissolve ignorance and fear.


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What A Summer

By Jaculin Dorman

As the planet is waltzing through three eclipses in one month we find our work as light workers speeding up.  There is a push in elevating awareness as the “Dastardly Dudes” loose there cloaks to hide behind.  What is happening?  Simply, the Earth and the celestial beings that are the caretakers of the planet are ready to shine the spot light on all self-serving and exploitive activity. 

This illumination is creating the dawn we have been waiting for.  So expect more wild revelations about unsavory behavior.  Expect a call for change and intolerance of old paradigms that are usury at best.  This month has marked the first hurdle that the world must pass through.  It is revealing the need to demand more conscious leadership.  This is a marker that will begin to restructure the world and the way we do business.  This is the start of more humane behavior.  It is through the exposure of cruelty and greed that the world will seek and grow.

Your job is not fall for the old way of interaction.  The dense energies will try to pull humanity into the same lies that have always worked before. This could be in your home or work place.  It is a time for reevaluating our boundaries, our needs, and our expectations.  If the old way of doing things is not supporting you, then it is time to reinvent yourself.  This is a time of illumination and the change that follows.  We have a love/hate relationship with change because we love adventure, but hate the unknown.  The world is moving into a higher dimension with or without us.  We are on the earth roller coaster and it just slipped into high gear.  So, scream if you want to, because it one crazy ride. 

If you resist your new makeover brought to you by planet earth, it will be a scary ride.  But, if you embrace the change and focus on elevating your consciousness, then the new will manifest.  Our work during this summer tour was on consciousness.  We did not expect any external acknowledgement of our work we just walked our walk. However, Pat and I we so surprised and excited to see elevation in awareness in places that have not been inclined that way before.  The earth and humanity are ready for change and we, as the beacons, are ready to light the way. 

Enjoy the rest of the summer and stay light.


The Next Three Weeks

By Jaculin Dorman

Humanity is on the threshold of a new beginning.  The old ways of self-aggrandizing piracy are coming to an end.  This means that those who have profited by the old indentured systems are fighting back as the light becomes stronger.  We will see this more in the next few weeks as we enter into the heat of summer.  This is a time to stay focused on the light and refuse to allow the fear tactics that are the greatest tool of oppressors to gain a foothold in the world.  Their behavior is predictable and loosing potency, so do not fall into anger over their short sightedness, but know that humanity is growing up, with or without them.

Focusing on the light creates a peaceful and harmonious world.  With every strike at the light, the opposition reveals their true intentions.  The recent swine flu scare is a great example of how the light held things in perspective.  The consciousness of the planet has elevated to a height that is making it more difficult to fool the masses.  Those who choose to stay in the old paradigm have the right to that choice, but their choice cannot stop the momentum of consciousness from moving up into a lighter dimension. 

We need to keep our light focused to help our leaders who are trying to create change.  It is important that we create change within ourselves by taking more time to center and meditate as we experience our bodies and minds sloughing off old patterns and designing our new lighter selves.  Grease the grid of the earth with your love and consciousness on a daily basis for the next three weeks, as Celestials are moving major obstacles away from the planet and humanity.  Know that all is well and that we are moving forward to complete this momentous time in history.  Remember that Earth is home to newborn souls who seek power as their identity, simultaneously with the most advanced and conscious beings.  We are here because this journey into the light means so much to us.  It is the event we have awaited for many millennia.  Move the light through your heart and into the earth and we will all create a lighter world together.


Healing with Light

By Jaculin Dorman

As the world continues to move into a higher vibration, there are still those who wish to keep Earth in darkness.  This is not possible.  Attempts to create a fear-based consciousness have failed before and will fail now.  The Swine Flu outbreak is another attempt to create fear, imposing controls and mandatory immunization.  This outbreak is yet another all too perfect plot to suppress us.  Numerous original cases in the USA were found to test negative for Swine Flu. It is the media that continues to perpetuate fear throughout the country. 

As we elevate to higher vibrations we are less susceptible to microbial attacks.  True, we need to be proactive about maintaining good health.  Keep your immune system strong and increase your vibration. Do not fall into the fearful mind that is being generated by the media.  In 1976 the Swine Flu made a stunning entrance into the international community resulting in a massive immunization process.  Pharmaceutical companies became several billion dollars richer and countless victims were left paralyzed.

What should you do?  Practice your light techniques with regularity; this keeps your mind in a healthful place.  Take supplements to increase and support your immune system. Reduce stress, or counter it with rest, meditation and exercise.  Eat a healthy diet, reducing acidic foods, maintaining a strong physical foundation.  If you have a Chakra Therapy System, use this basic technique to clear your organs and energy pathways:

 Begin with clearing each chakra.  Next, clear each physical organ in the same manner that you cleared the chakra.  This brings in energy and removes stasis from the body.  When energy flows, you are healthy, when it is blocked, the body creates illness or pain.  Because we are physical beings, we must keep our attention on energy flowing freely throughout our bodies.  We are conduits of energy wanting to flow smoothly, just as the water in a river flows to the sea.  This is what we do. Energy is what we are. This is life.

This latest attempt to spread fear is not working as effectively because our collective consciousness is high enough to begin to see through the games.  The “Dastardly Dudes” are loosing ground.  Their fear tactics do not yield the same results they have in the past.  We are coming into our own power and into the light.  Stay positive and be the light.


New World, New Consciousness

By Jaculin Dorman

The consciousness of the world is increasing very rapidly and as the Earth continues to spin herself into a higher vibration, old paradigms must disintegrate.  Thus, the world will be a very different place in a very short period of time.  We can clearly see the struggle of those attempting to maintain the old paradigm, yet, the majority of the world does not wish to return to the ways of the past.  This is largely due to the changes of the structure of how humanity interacts with one another. 

Whether a person believes in global warming or not is muted by melting glaciers and climatic changes.  Try telling the polar bear that the ice melts are merely his imagination.  The current financial situation can be looked at in a similar way.  There is a financial upheaval occurring on a global basis.  This is because we must change the way we view and conduct ourselves in regards to power and greed.  The worship of money must end and anyone who attempts to hold onto such idols will be left behind.

It is exciting to see the first foundation blocks being laid for our new civilization.  Prosperity is a wonderful state to exist in, and includes all aspects of our lives.  As we grow to understand the flow of energy that supports us we allow more prosperity into our lives.  We can clearly see this same flow in the stock market. It is our minds that move the numbers, based on various, arbitrary announcements. So, money is not about a number, but about energy.  Energy is, by its very nature, in motion.  Put your focus into the creation of our new and more conscious world.  The old is dissolving away while the new is entering.  Prosperity in this new world is for everyone. Focus on the positive outcome and move forward into a lighter and more conscious ideal, as we will create a world of love and prosperity.

The Feeling of Change
Are you ready for some really great changes? Well, I hope so, because the planet is. The established way of doing things is about to change. Change always makes us a little crazy. We want to know everything, but we have to react to the upheaval around us with the knowledge that things are really going to improve. The consciousness of the planet is spiraling upward and we are on a wild ride.

This means that all of the ego based systems that have run the world need transformation. The consciousness of the planet – and that includes us humans – is elevating. Therefore, the way that we do business and the way we run our lives is slowly moving out of the fear-based ego system and into a love-based conscious one. Look at all of the interest in “going green.” If we did not have a fuel crisis – we would, as a collective group, not be as interested in conserving energy or finding better fuel sources.

So we are experiencing the dawn of a new civilization. It is reasonable to think that the old school would want to try to hold onto old methods, increase control and try to stop this changing energy. But you cannot stop change. The old selfish way the planet has been run is being exposed for what it is. A new, more conscious interaction between humanity is unfolding. Times will be hard for those stuck in this old paradigm, but as we approach the solar eclipse we will see more desire for change.

Our bodies are continuing to respond to this increased vibration, so take care of yourself and treat yourself well. We have spent our lives waiting for this time. Now that it is here, celebrate and know that we are experiencing the process of change. When I feel uncertainty, I give thanks for what I am learning. Gratitude has the great side effect of quieting the mind, so relax and enjoy the ride.

The Feeling of Change

Are you ready for some really great changes? Well, I hope so, because the planet is. The established way of doing things is about to change. Change always makes us a little crazy. We want to know everything, but we have to react to the upheaval around us with the knowledge that things are really going to improve. The consciousness of the planet is spiraling upward and we are on a wild ride.

This means that all of the ego based systems that have run the world need transformation. The consciousness of the planet – and that includes us humans – is elevating. Therefore, the way that we do business and the way we run our lives is slowly moving out of the fear-based ego system and into a love-based conscious one. Look at all of the interest in “going green.” If we did not have a fuel crisis – we would, as a collective group, not be as interested in conserving energy or finding better fuel sources.

So we are experiencing the dawn of a new civilization. It is reasonable to think that the old school would want to try to hold onto old methods, increase control and try to stop this changing energy. But you cannot stop change. The old selfish way the planet has been run is being exposed for what it is. A new, more conscious interaction between humanity is unfolding. Times will be hard for those stuck in this old paradigm, but as we approach the solar eclipse we will see more desire for change.

Our bodies are continuing to respond to this increased vibration, so take care of yourself and treat yourself well. We have spent our lives waiting for this time. Now that it is here, celebrate and know that we are experiencing the process of change. When I feel uncertainty, I give thanks for what I am learning. Gratitude has the great side effect of quieting the mind, so relax and enjoy the ride.

Feeling Transition

We can all feel the energy of the earth calling us to release third dimensional programming from our thoughts and DNA. We are traveling with the Mother through a momentous time and it is essential that you understand the unusual feelings you may be having. The consciousness of the planet reached critical mass at the spring equinox. This has been the Mother’s cue to increase the vibration of the planet that is causing an increase in earth changes.

Our mind and body are feeling this pull. Some may feel headaches, mental confusion, backaches, depression, anxiety, fatigue, a feeling of coldness, and body aches. This is because we are transforming both in body and mind into fifth dimensional beings. This means that we must leave behind 3D thought and behavior. This can create an aversion to 3D behavior making us uncomfortable in our daily interactions.

The best way to move forward and not get caught up in this 3D detoxification is to hold your light and feel gratitude and love when the pressures mount. Meditate and use your Chakra Therapy System several times a day to keep your energy in alignment. We all are manifesting a new world that is full of joy and abundance. This abundance is available to us now as we observe the threads of this tapestry weaving itself into a higher conscious. The Earth and her light workers have waited for this moment. These are blessed times, for we, as the light of this planet, get to move with the vibration and birth of the new planet earth.


The Coming Times

Transition, or the final phase of earth ascending to a fifth dimension life form, has always been referred to in the future tense. The Earth Mother has made herself very clear that our current ecological structure is in flux. Scientist tell us that at our current rate of consumption, global changes are inevitable within the next 5 years. These are not doomsday predictions, but prophecies of planetary change that will propel life forward in consciousness and dimension.

Many of us have been feeling the resonant frequency of the planet changing. This is exhibited in frontal and occipital head pressure, spinal pain, lack of focus, thirst, and fatigue. You may have one of these symptoms or all at various times. In the past, we may have referred to this as kundalini rising, and it is a form of it. Our physical and spiritual bodies are coming together to bridge the gap that veils us from other dimensions. This veil only exists in the 3/4 dimensional configuration and is lifted in the 5/6 dimensional configurations. In other words, everyone will see their guides and angels in the 5th.

The earth is changing, and so are we. As we wait out the final phase of transition our bodies are shifting into higher vibrational beings. This is an exciting time for humanity because we all will benefit from the vibratory shift in consciousness. Keep your heart light and know that all is well. As humans we tend to fear the unknown. Hold yourself in the light, keeping fear and doubt out of your thoughts. Move yourself out of the confinement of this dimension; propel yourself forward to the world we have all been seeking.


Previous Articles

1/17 Day of Manifestation

We are in the process of creating a new and conscious world within the tattered remains of a warrior civilization. The focus of conscious awareness on the planet is reaching a pinnacle point. On 10/17 we saw that a communal focus in consciousness can make a change. For the first time the light has held without opposition. This means that the polarization is nearly complete and the frequency of earth is rapidly elevating.
The Celestials said that they would ask us again to focus on the world and life that we wish to create. On 1/17 we are being asked to come together again in the same manner as on 10/17, beginning at 1:17 am on the 17th, peaking from 5pm to 10pm, and continuing through to 10:17 am on the 18th.
We are being asked to focus on the world and the life we wish to create. This manifestation should be positive and supportive to all life. This creation of peace and harmony is a collective painting made with the care and understanding of the collective consciousness. Co-create within that day by consciously focusing on compassion, love and understanding in your every action and thought. Focus on manifesting compassion and love within your life, and the collective consciousness will respond. 
This is another opportunity for quantum growth. Forward this information to anytime interested. This is what we have come into this life to do. Blessings


The Divine Moment

Most of us have felt the frenetic energy of the earth. Perhaps you have seen this reflected in human activity, as people run around in our human importance that makes up our daily life. This is a current reflection of the energy of the Mother Planet. It is evident that She is completing Her transformation of earth. The Earth Mother does not wish to destroy the planet or her inhabitants. She needs to move the planet and her inhabitants upward in vibration, and move life as we know it off of the 3rd dimension and onto the 5th. This level will go to sleep, just as we wake and sleep each day. This dimension has already begun its procession into dormancy, as can be clearly seen through the magnitude of earth changes.

The Earth Mother has given instruction for the ensuing events. We can use the analogy of the Great Depression. During that time many suffered with a lack of finances and basic human needs, while others felt no lack or need at all. This is the way the world is beginning to function, so our focus and intention are paramount to success. The success we seek is within ourselves. When we focus on our intention in life, the support follows. It is not about how busy you are, but the intention with which you perform every action of the day. This is the shifting point. The shifting point is within each of us, and we must find that point. The planet is dividing vibrationally into the 3rd and 5th dimensions. Therefore, focusing on 3rd-dimension aspects of humanity or even of the earth keeps us in that vibration. We are being asked to change the focus of our thoughts into higher forms. Visualize your place within the Divine order of the Earth, not the chaos and confusion.

For the past week I have felt great sadness toward the Earth and Humankind. The Earth Mother has explained that compassion is wonderful, but lowering your vibration is not. As the light of the planet, we Star Children must change and hold our focus in Divine support of all that we are. This largely determines the place we will occupy in the coming times. How all of us will transform is the question. The Earth Mother has said that she will make the physical transformation of the planet very quick. She has progressed so far into the process that her form is in a constant state of flux. Her message to us is to raise our thoughts and project a peaceful coexisting planet. It is how we act and think that are important. Do not worry about how busy you are; so is the Mother. Stay out of the prophecies of doom and gloom, whether they are political or global. When you are about to throw a ball, you focus on the target, not on the ball. This is how it is for us. The divine moment is here, and we must hold onto the Divine within us and project it throughout the planet. Focus on the target, stay one-pointed, and you will be supported in all ways no matter what is happening around you.

Earth Shaking
We are experiencing some unusual planetary events. Geomagnetic fields of unknown origin blasted Earth earlier in the week, while earthquakes and volcanoes have been erupting across the globe. The planet is geared up and rumbling, making it time for another earth alert. Activities on the West Coast have continued to increase in number, but not magnitude. This is the type of action we prefer. The earth can move in little segments, releasing pressure where needed without a large cataclysmic event.

Once again we can help in two ways. The first is to be the light you are. The second is to bring a column of golden light into the earth to the Mother and the grid system. Your light will increase the vibration of the planet and move us all into a smooth dimensional transition. Be aware and loving toward the Earth and humankind.

The increased seismic activity in Tennessee, Ohio and New York are all part of the fault line that is activating that area. Areas to focus on are the West Coast; the Pacific Ocean west, southwest of San Diego; the Pacific Ocean north, northwest of Seattle; Nashville; Lake Erie; Lake Michigan; and the entire Mississippi and Ohio rivers.

The vortex we entered on April 10 is rough and intense. It feel like the rough ride you get when speeding up to shake mud free from your tires. We understand that fatigue, headaches and body aches are often part of the process. Relax, meditate and work to stay calm. It is just a ride. It is a ride that we have wanted to be part of, and our opportunity is NOW. The more love and light that the earth feels from us, the smoother our ride. Mother Earth thanks you for being the light.

Light Trip
In the wee hours of April 10, 2006 we entered into another transition point. This is not a portal with an entry and exit point, but a vibrational frequency that is shaking off human ignorance. Like the tire that has frozen flat on one side, it takes several rotations to heat up the tire and true itself. This is what the earth and humans are experiencing as we continue to move to a higher awareness. The more this vortex vibrates us, the more consciousness will be able to expand. It will create climactic unrest in the weeks to come as the earth continues to shake herself loose from the 3rd dimension. It is important to be truly compassionate and understanding of all of our brothers and sisters at this time. We must stay focused and allow ourselves to be the light. Through our love and compassion we will focus the earth’s energy into a compatible light force.

The job of humankind is simple, yet great. Love yourself, and love others as yourself. Our greatest obstacle in accomplishing this goal is judgment. Self-judgment is always present in any form of judgment because it reflects our own fears and insecurities on the very person or thing we are judgmental toward. Humans must see their own fallibility and accept the challenge of learning without preconceived ideas or what is good or evil, right or wrong, just or unjust. We must see our goals, not as black or white, but as mists and clouds, unstructured, yet defined. When we see ourselves as beings we understand that the human form is meant to be imperfect. Being imperfect allows us to learn and grow in every situation. We experience ourselves as one perfect vibration, united in a common venture of growth and expansion.

Now, we must unite in a journey of mutual understanding and compassion. When we choose human life it is never intended that we should reach perfection. Our goal is to flow in a vibration that is perfection as we play in the drama of life. There are not good or bad days, but only active and less active ones. How we perceive the day and ourselves is solely our own perception. So, take the next step and leave behind your insecurity and the judgment that anchors you in 3rd dimensional thought forms. Space Ship Earth is now journeying toward the fifth dimension with the help of all star children as we transform this world through ourselves.


Now, is Time

It does not take a metaphysical person to make a theory about the current conditions of the planet. Scientists and spiritual leaders have come together in their predictions for the earth and our civilization. As we left the portal in September there was an interesting development in the dimensional field. We are no longer sitting on the lowest level of conscious existence. There were two levels left behind in alternate dimensions, slightly lower than where we sit, with more severe changes occurring on the earth. With every major earth event, we seem to be shifting upward. Tonight (early hours of October 25) we moved again, now there are three levels of existence below ours. This is why the indigenous elders are calling for world prayer.

This phenomenon is easier shown than written. We are in a giant maze of energy all interconnected, but separate. Each of your chakras and auras has a different and distinct vibration that identifies and paces it differently from the other, yet they are all connected as one. So it is that we connect in space of all places and things. Many of you know that I have always seen between the worlds, but I was quite taken back to see that we had indeed begun transition. We will glide through the seven tiers of this dimension to the precipice of the 5th making it an easy jump. Each time we glide, some are left behind. Not as a judgment, but as an evaluation of conscious level. There is a curriculum for every level, and we gravitate toward the one that matches us.

As we glide upward we will see many leave this planet in large numbers. Each one will be accompanied by another series of earth changes as we have seen from around the world this past week. The hurricanes will now subside and the earth will move in large areas as volcanoes begin to heat up. There is an expression that we say; “ When Star Children do their jobs, nothing happens.” So, let us move into this long awaited time with clarity. Use the techniques taught to you to balance your energies as the planet moves. It is an unsettling feeling because you feel the disruption. I have started to use my chakra system three times a day when the earth feels wobbly. Bring golden light throughout your body and let it radiate into the earth. Offer this light to the Mother as a connection between you and earth to assist her and the planets inhabitants on a smooth journey. The more light (grease) the smoother the ride. There is no need for devastation. We can glide through this one level at a time.

Click here for an article and mediation from the Mayan that begins tomorrow. This article came from Mitch Battros of earthchangestv.com.


A Portal Opening

On July 25, 2005 we entered another portal. The pinnacle point of this journey was reached between August 13 and14th and we continue our journey through this corridor until September 24th. Portals are gateways through which we accelerate dimensionally and consciously. The effect on the physical world is determined by the ability of light workers to bring conscious awareness to themselves and then to the planetary consciousness. Once again, the star beings on this planet are being asked to focus within themselves and bring light to this planet.

A portal is an opportunity for all of us to move forward in consciousness. The theme of this one is connected to our understanding and compassion toward fellow human beings. Aspects of ourselves and our conditionings concerning our viewpoint of male and female are on the table. This includes the male and female viewpoints within you. This portal is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to see and work to achieve a balance between the yin and yang, male and female, inside us all.

Why is this so important? Here on earth we put a value of importance on everything. This competitive comparison translates into one being better or superior to another. We judge the placement of things rather than honoring their position. In order to move forward as a planet we must understand that the placement of things is part of natural order and not judgment. When a part is suppressed or squashed by society or an individual it creates a disconnection of ourselves from the whole. It keeps us in the misery of duality, and peace eludes us.

In this portal our beliefs are being challenged in wonderful ways because the paradigm of male and female is in the process of being rewritten. Yin and yang are not separate from one another, for both contain an element of themselves within the other. As we begin to see ourselves in all humankind, not just male or female, we empower the earth and ourselves.

Any issues that you have askew will be brought to your attention during this time. Dance with this aspect of transformation as we strive to find that balance so hungered for in all of humanity.


Ignorance, Judgment and Light

How do you hold the light when there is ignorance all around you?
We say that it is the job of a Star Child to create change through example, yet it can be hard to keep ourselves out of judgment. We can never explain expanded thought or consciousness to those who still think that they are masters of the Universe. The knowing is in the expandedness and without the awareness that higher consciousness brings, there is only deafness.
Yet this is a normal process in conscious evolution. It seems pointless and you feel the futility of ignorance running the planet as a supreme master. Still we know that the earth will survive humans. The biggest trick is to not allow yourself to be drawn into the game of judgment for any reason.
Whatever we do on the outside, it is the essence of our energy and thoughts that matter.
Conscious intent is being totally clear about what our core intention is. There is no faking it or going half-way any more. If we are going to change the world we live in to a harmonious and balanced planet, we must start with ourselves. You cannot point the finger at the other guy without first looking inside yourself. Then you are able to see the folly of trying to separate yourself from the developer or terrorist or whomever it is you feel is wrong. We are a young planet that still believes that war will get you what you want -- the same way two-year-olds think that a temper tantrum will produce the desired results and demonstrate their importance.
As Star Children we are here to change the collective consciousness through our actions and thoughts. Therefore, we cannot fall into fear over two-year-old actions -- nor can we ignore their actions. We must continue to hold the light and be the light even when we want to react and judge the ignorance. The lust for material development is simply a misguided form of needing to feel the expandedness of oneness. When you feel the dense energies of ignorance and ego engulfing you, pull in the light and ask for support and help to understand. Expand yourself and fill yourself with love and honor for all nature and humankind; then, little by little, the tide will change and human beings will become the caretakers of the Universe.
The Dawn of 2005
The dawning of this New Year brought with it so many emotions concerning our unusual and precious planet. 2005 has heralded itself as a year of change. Nature does not have the same focus of reality that we human beings do. Although the Mother attempts to clear and move herself in a graceful manner, this cannot always be done, although the energy of light workers on the planet does assist this process. The more light we send through ourselves and into the earth, the more we can affect this balance in a positive way.
The planet and all of her inhabitants are in a process of change that cannot be stopped. In the last few months of 2004 we saw all of the old fear games being played again. As light workers, Star Children have a great opportunity to effect change in themselves and reflect that into the planet. All that we are, all that we think, is resonated into the core of the planet at every moment. When your thoughts move into lower vibrations, you carry those vibrations into the earth. Move negative thoughts out of yourself and the planet as soon as they arrive. If they are so great that they are difficult to transcend, then work with understanding. Natural events do not occur in order to harm us. Nature makes changes to create a balance and will pursue that balance relentlessly. The Mother sees the overall need for change with a compassionate view toward human loss.
It may sound strange, but in the wake of the tsunami I found myself thanking those that gave their lives and loved ones in this enormous earth change. This force united a nation at war and brought the world together to assist those so much in need. Nature changed the lens of the world so that we might see ourselves a little better. The impact of the underwater earthquake was so large that it shifted the earth’s magnetic north, which in turn has refocused the lens to allow more of us to to see, understand, and bring balance to ourselves and this precious planet we live on.
If you would like to contribute to the aid of those who have lost their homes and loved ones in the tsunami, there are a list of links below:
What the World Needs Now…( Fall 2004)
We have come a long way on this journey to bring a higher consciousness to this planet. Many of you feel defeated by the election results. Well, it didn’t’ go well, but it is not without hope. Fear still leads the way in the world and particularly in this country. At the final moment so many that were on the edge slipped back into the fear state. Fear is a very seductive and insidious emotion. This is a disappointment for star children, because we are so close to finishing all of this that we felt there was enough light to shift past 49% and to majority. We were very close.Kerry was the celestial choice, but the consciousness of humankind was needed to make that happen. In the final days before the election we slipped back into fear. And now, with the election outcome, we can either slip into fear as well or stand in the light and continue to work on our consciousness.Since the beginning of the human race the paradox has been in play. In the celestial realms this is called the error because of an architected flaw in the structure of a small, undeveloped planet named Earth. As a result of this, our planet became the launch pad for a paradox that spread out into seven universes and stopped there only by our quarantine.From the moment the paradox began the celestials have had to deal with this bizarre addition called ego. Under the leadership of Gabriel the anti-rebellion continues to dissolve the paradox. The paradox is currently contained to 80% in all inhabited places except Earth. The rest of the system has removed 80% of the paradox and has 20% remaining to be dissolved. Eighty percent of the paradox is now confined to Earth.The light workers of this planet have done a phenomenal job in reducing the paradox to 80% on this planet. (Over the past 2,000 years we have removed about 20%.) As a result of the election we are simply still in the battle. Over the last four years we have pushed the light and moved many towards higher consciousness. Simultaneously, dense energies were feeding fear and self-righteousness. You have the choice of slipping into a fear-based society or continuing to move into light.The consciousness of this planet is reflected in the current events. Use the event to move into light. As Gabriel would say, ”Stay steady until we are through the other side.”
Venus, Our big Sister (Summer 2004)
The solar occulation of Venus on June 7-8 is an event that occurs every 130 years when Venus passes directly between Earth and the Sun, has started to affect all of us. This is a positive event with the usual flip side. This event will take us to the next step of transition. As we complete the process of shifting into the 5th dimension, we must clear our minds of the negativity related to the lower character development rays of the 3rd and 4th dimensions.
Venus, our big sister, has always been the caretaker planet for Earth. It is on this planet that one group of our Overseers dwells to assist and educate humankind in consciousness. So, it would make sense that this planet would herald in this step in our ascension process. When we move dimensionally to the 5th, you will take your physical body with you, along with a few physical changes. Most of these changes are in the DNA and will open up newer charkas into their own configuration. Although this is happening now, it will be more apparent as we progress.
The main step that the Venus/Sun occulation will initiate is removing a collective attitude that no longer serves us. Thoughts containing negativity and fear are based in the lower dimensions. As light beings, we play an important part in this transition by moving light through ourselves and into the earth. This transcends the negativity that has plagued humanity and moves us out of the fear-based reality into a love-based existence. It is also a time for the feminine to enter and bring with her a more intuitive and harmonious way of being. If you have had absurd thoughts for the past several weeks, it is most likely the purging of these thought patterns from the collective conscious. Using your light techniques to balance and clear these thoughts without getting “hung up” on them will move them out of the tapestry we call our reality. We are creating a light consciousness for all humankind through our thought patterns. Reinforce your thoughts with positive affirmations and meditation. Remember that it is an honor to be a part of this great time as we purge the world of ignorance and herald in an age of peace and harmony. It starts as many separate thoughts and merges into one collective awareness of who we really are.
Blessings on this great journey.
The World at Peace - Spring 2004
Since December of 2002, the lightworkers around the world have been meditating at Sunday 9 pm EST. One year after the start of war, many feel that we have not accomplished our goal. Yet, as lightworkers we know that the larger goal is our true focus. In the past year there has been a great increase in consciousness throughout the world. Our travels lead us to strange places with many people hungry for change and seeking a conscious way of living.
Truly we can see the division in this country. Some believe that the war is a great thing for humankind and others find it hard to fathom that war could bring about peace. When we deal with consciousness, we are not directing our attention on opinions, political or otherwise. What consciousness is concerned with is the ability to remove the self from any situation and expand beyond our point of view to a greater picture.
Knowing that we are all connected means that we cannot judge the less conscious for lacking this awareness. Nor should we arrogantly pretend that we know what is best. It may be difficult to describe the experience of crème brulee to someone that has never savored its flavor. One needs to experience before one can understand. Intellectual knowledge only touches upon understanding. The answer is to expand beyond ourselves to see things greater than US. To judge keeps us in the small illusion of who we really are. Our true self if hidden by the illusions we create in our judgments of others.
Sundays at 9 pm EST is a way for us to connect together in consciousness and raise the vibration of the entire planet. Simultaneously raising our consciousness for 30 minutes or an hour creates enough cosmic juice or flow in the collective consciousness to expand awareness for all humankind. You can see and feel the growing change as it becomes mainstream with every breath that you take. Our leaders will then change and true peace will be an important and understood goal for humankind. This is how we create peace, one consciousness at a time, with blessings and love.
Here We Go - Winter 2004, by Jaculin Dorman
Every year we evaluate ourselves as individuals, a nation, a world. Where are we today? Many of us feel that as individuals we have grown enormously, while the world seems to be running backward. There are several reasons for these phenomena. As we light up, the opposite reaction is like a tug-of-war in which dense energy tries to regain what it has lost. The fact is that the consciousness of the planet is increasing at a rapid rate. Therefore, everyone with an agenda is playing out his or her delusion with gusto.
We are at the end of a long road that has brought this civilization to the edge of an abyss that will either propel us forward into the next era of truth and light or cause our destruction. This planet has carried four previous civilizations to this point. As the United States enters a presidential year, it is also seven years later than you think. The current calendar year is 2011. We lost the seven years when we adopted the Gregorian calendar. So, this is going to be an amazing year.
We all chose to be here at this juncture in evolution because, for the first time, we have all that we need to propel us forward into an enlightened world. Never before have there been so many ready to take this step. Never before have the Celestials been so sure that we will make this dynamic move. The end of this play has been written. It is the last few pages that we fill in with our free will and choice.
There will always be rascals. This time is not about them. As my crew says, "It is amazing how arrogant ignorance can be." This time is about those willing to change and hold the course no matter what the ignorance looks like. If we as a people can actually elect a government that is for the people, this would be a great step in the realization of world change. We are the force that moves the consciousness that creates a world of light and understanding and removes delusion from ourselves and then the world.

While the World Turns - Fall 2003
As the world keeps turning and we find ourselves in constant change, how does that change come about? Part of our evolution is directly connected to and dependent upon our consciousness. It’s consciousness that affects evolution. Even the dinosaur had some consciousness within its large form.
Our collective consciousness is the grease that moves the vibration, or resonance, of what we call reality. If we are vibrating at a high and clear level, everything around us reflects that. If we are vibrating from the lower resonance of the first and second rays and pay little attention to the higher vibrations, we reflect that same lower vibration back to ourselves. The cognitive ability that we have been given allows us to conceive of great inventions that will spur consciousness forward. If we do not heed the call to a higher consciousness, the lower vibration will manifest itself as greed and arrogance.
We are currently at the point that humankind has reached four times before. Now we must choose to reflect as a higher vibration and allow our cognitive abilities to reflect this vibration for the world. If we, as the collective consciousness, hold onto the fear, greed, and arrogance that have driven us to this point in our evolution, we will self-destruct. When those who are ignorant, arrogant, or just unknowing, choose to remain in that vibration and do not or cannot move forward in consciousness, the civilization will end and the cycle will begin again.
It has been prophesied that a large number of the people on this planet will choose the higher reflection of vibration and move forward into light. Those who are unable to choose this higher vibration will move on to try again. We, like the sap that nourishes the entire tree, supply the consciousness of this entire world, and beyond. The more we focus on the higher vibrations and practice to move our consciousness as high as it can go, the more light we shine, and in so doing, we help others. We are on a great journey to bring a greater consciousness to all. While the world keeps turning, our job is to stretch ourselves and be the light for all.
(more Previous articles)

Ego and Light

Moving forward in consciousness involves leaving our ego-based power struggles behind.  The world situation is an indicator of where we must focus our attention and growth.   Clearly the world needs to move out of condemnation and into love.  The consciousness of the world is rapidly exceeding the consciousness of our leaders.  It is not governments that change the world, but the people.  There is a growing mass effort to increase our awareness and understanding that there is no good or evil, but rather appropriate or inappropriate action.  Conflict caused by ego cannot expand into compassion.
Our task as star children is to focus our awareness onto the world thereby freeing ourselves from the dictatorial rule of our egos.  If we understand that nothing anyone ever does to us is personal, it puts everything in a new light.  We spend our lives wondering why a person did this or that to us.  "Why did they want to hurt me?"  The fact is that each of us is living our individual programs and agendas.  Our interpretation of the situation is dominated by our ego.  So, the way to clear ourselves of this constant chatter and assault is to free our minds from the overriding ego.  
Use the light to move past your conflicts.  See the light in everything and know that we are all characters cast in our roles and acting out the parts we need for understanding.  Whatever is presented to you is a result of a need in you.  By focusing our attention on a world conflict that has been created by ego, we can gain insight and a greater awareness.  We are all striving to clear the boggy mind.  By being the light that we truly are, we can step out of the bog and into the grassy meadow and experience ego and mind in harmony with consciousness.

The Times, They Are a Changing  - fall 2002

As 2003 approaches, we feel and see a great change in our world. Now is the time to bring the Light through you and into the Earth to speed and smooth the way for positive change. We are the rainbow light that connects Heaven and Earth in consciousness.
Our job is to BE the light. It is a great honor for us to be the expanding force for the consciousness of the planet. As this planet moves out of the rigid structure of the third and forth dimensions, into the seeking expanse of the fifth, there will be several differences in humankind. The male energy of Earth and several other planets has been tough and dense. I am not saying that men are tough and dense--it applies to the male or yang aspect of all things. Our male/yang side is in the process of a great spiritual transformation, and the female/yin part is in an expanded mode. The goal is to find a balance between the male and female. This process is birthing now, and will continue to develop for humankind throughout the fifth and sixth dimensions. The rigid lines between male and female will become more flowing.
This is why many of our issues concerning either male or female paradigms are up. The more we change ego power into consciousness (see Star Children, Remember for the Conscious Use of Power technique), the more we expand. The more we embrace these changes, the smoother it goes..

Earth needs her Star Children more that ever, and Star Children need the knowledge and understanding that the Earth brings. We are the grease that keeps it all flowing smoothly. If fear over current events creeps in, get it out fast by using the Light. We have the opportunity to change the world. Now is our greatest time. By grounding and being the Heaven/Earth connection, you feed the Earth with divine light and consciousness. We are the rainbow bridge, and in that capacity and connection, expansion is the only course. With enough grease (light) we (Star Children) can slide through these difficult times and upward into consciousness together.  

Out of the Trap - summer 2002

Life is a series of mazes that can lead us into the never-ending loop of the mind or slowly sashay us out of duality. One needs to understand duality to completely realize oneness. If we think of ourselves as separate, unattached, and praying to a God that will shower us with gifts when we are good, we can never understand the maze we have entered in birth. On the other hand, if we are connected to God and see our process of life as a phenomenal experience, we are on the road to being one with creation. The catch is always the same: our minds. Our minds want to reason, rationalize and label. Yet, the Divine is flow of energy, like water, that does not think about where it will flow next; it simply does.

So here you are on the river of life, flowing through the maze of experience and trying to balance it with our long-taught concepts of good and bad. But, does water judge the flow of a stream or does it just flow on, knowing that one day it will reach the ocean, no matter what path taken? The trap is to analyze too much, especially when life is unjust. After all, our minds will say, “They were wrong. Why did they do or say that?” This is the trap that keeps us in the maze.
How we release ourselves from the trap in the maze is again a process of flowing consciousness. Feel the flow of energy inside of you and follow it. All of life’s experiences are a result of a need to know. Positive or negative does not matter. This is the vehicle we use to break up congestion in the flow of life. It does not matter. Our minds create a jam in the flow of consciousness and we feel badly. This process creates duality inside of ourselves. Instead, fill your heart with light as your mind “goes off” and allow that light to slowly dissolve the duality this obstacle has created within you. Visualize yourself flowing and accepting all the goodies your consciousness collects along the way with equal passion. Allow the flow of your consciousness, and not your mind, to dissolve the jam and flow through the maze as one, in peace. Set yourself free from the maze trap and your mind will thank you.
Life’s Lemons from winter 2002

Most of us have moments of unhappiness or dissatisfaction with our lives. This is because some element of ourselves is empty. If words are said that upset us, it is because we are needing approval and seeking our well-being externally. Yet when something or someone unpleasant comes into our path, we tend to do one of two things: we blame them, or we blame ourselves.

An initial reaction to unpleasant situations is human nature, and should be recognized and accepted. A wise Being gave me just such advice recently, with the passing of my father. First you are allowed to have whatever emotion comes up. Know that this emotion is in you and turn your attention to understanding all that you feel. It is important to say that this does not mean that you should indulge in negative feelings, but if you think these feelings are wrong, it will create self-judgment and guilt. Rather, if we understand that our humanness is connected to our Divine, we do not indulge in these feelings but search for the gap that is creating them. What is lacking inside us is what allows this reaction. The second phase of emotion is introspection. Remember that neither we nor the other guy are to blame for any situation. How do we deal with negative behavior in a divine and loving way? To ignore an action that causes harm to others does not allow growth. Yet, to throw ourselves headfirst into any event, keeps it going.

Both feeling the emotions and later, introspection, are necessary for growth. Now we have choices to make. Do I play soap opera with life and call these characters names, or do I clear myself of unhealthy emotion? When we draw light into ourselves and ask to dissolve all that is unhealthy within us, we change ourselves and the world. We make ourselves whole and full of light where we were void. Some tasks are easy, and some take a great amount of effort. It seems that we, as light workers, are being asked to drag all of our suppressed skeletons out of the closet and become whole. We understand that this is not about blame, but about doing. Clearing ourselves in the light is how we contribute to the collective consciousness and move ourselves and this world into the light.
Our Current World from fall 2001

The current state of world events is tragic, yet many of us see that these events have indeed propelled us forward dimensionally. I know that it seems very strange to think that such devastation would move us forward. The way the world has responded has a great deal to do with it. There were large Celestial forces over the World Trade Center at the time of impact, and the focus of energy has increased since then. We are currently in the final stages of transition. The amount of time this takes, again, depends on us and how we focus our consciousness.

This summer, we went through portions of the Northwest, assisting in the earth changes and transition work . This is not uncommon to our travels, but what was uncommon was that they stated that for the first time, we were not 100% successful but that it would be ok. You have to question "ok" when it comes from a Celestial source. Our jobs have stepped up and increased as a result. Remember, when nothing happens we are doing our job; yet we cannot blames ourselves for the recent events since a certain amount of "shifting" is necessary as we reach the critical mass point that will create physical transition. Thus far, transition has occurred in awareness and consciousness. We can expect little physical change throughout the forth dimension. Our marker is the increase in technology, and we have seen plenty of that in the past few years.
So, here we are...beginning to bubble as we reach that critical mass point. What we do and how we react to this and other events is of paramount importance to each individual. This is just change -- the change you have been waiting for. The first thing to do is to clear yourself of fear. If it creeps up on you, simply flood yourself with whopping wobs of light. If you know the light exercise using conscious use of power*, this will shift you and the collective consciousness quickly. Using the light to clear fear from you will change the focus away from any future attacks.
Remember that true compassion does not care, meaning that we do not get caught up in the cha cha. Stay informed, but do not dwell on the media. Once you have cleared yourself of fear, send Osama bin Laden conscious use of power as much as possible. Then send it to all the world leaders. Send to everyone in the United States and the stock market to keep our economy strong. Do this often.
We have been on the east coast for several weeks and the work there went very well. It is still ongoing, and will take at least a year to complete. This gives some idea of the time we are looking at with this current phase.
Osama bin Laden is against the Christ Conscious world and all that we stand for. He believes that he is guided by Allah, to do the will of Allah. He believes that we are the evil force of the world and we believe that he is. Osama bin Laden is not the anti-Christ, he is in the delusion of a Christ-less consciousness. To eliminate the anti-Christ delusion, Star Children must bring Christ Consciousness to themselves and then to the world. This is the second coming. We must collect enough Christ Consciousness to reach quantum mass. We have all practiced for this moment. peace. Once our consciousness is firmly seated in Christ awareness, the separation is complete and the Christ leader will be apparent This single action has the potential to create world peace. Are you ready?
Get set, GO


For more information on Star Children and the Conscious Use of Power Technique can be found in Star Children, Remember.   click here

We Are The Transition     from May 2001 newsletter

Chaos in our lives is a direct attempt from spirit to bring about change and normalize imbalance. Our planet is entering the times of separation that will widen the gap between individuals on different paths of learning and evolution. This summer will mark the events to come. Now is the time of strengthening and letting go of anything old that does not move us into the next physical level. That means the chaos is here in all of her glory, and we must bend and sway with the times as best we can.

We see so many people being asked to understand and grow quickly. This is time to test your flexibility. If the tears well up inside, let them wash you into where you need to be. Our emotions are catalysts that transport us from one moment to the other. The key is to allow the emotion to create the change, but then move away from the emotion without becoming trapped in the gap. That gap indicates that you don’t have to or you’re not ready. A shower is great – it cleanses and clears the body and mind. Many people enjoy singing in the shower because they experience an inner and outer freedom. Our emotional reactions are the same, yet you can only stay in the shower for so long. Dry off, dress, and take action.
Transition is entering the final stages and we must be prepared for whatever brings us the change we need to move forward. The old expression about a silver lining is true. Although some are easier to see than others, they are always there, but usually not very visible from the shower. How much and at what speed we move into this next level of transition will be determined by mid-July. Our job is to embrace the chaos and find our growth within. Each of us provide a little grease that allows the transition to remain smooth. So, every time you feel like a pretzel, remember that you are being shaped, along with the whole planet and universe.
When you are the light, you mark and show the way for others. We leave behind anything that cannot move us forward in consciousness. Some of that "stuff" we really like, but cannot take. Remember that there will be even better "stuff" on the other side, because there is always "stuff". So, allow yourself to bend and move with every splash from the chaos. You will weather this storm and move into calm waters. Our collective goal is to move through the chaos in ourselves by moving our consciousness to the next place. This eliminates the need for cataclysmic earth changes. If nothing happens this summer, then we know that we have done well and entered this next phase of transition.

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